Evil Hunter Tycoon: A Comprehensive Guide to Dominating the Game

Since its release, Evil Hunter Tycoon has attracted many players. Its unique gameplay not only surprises many players but also leaves them with a profound sense of powerlessness, as they are unsure how to progress quickly. Congratulations on finding this guide! Here, you will learn everything you need to know.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Building a Strong Foundation: Starting Strategies and Diamond Investments

When you embark on your journey as a hunter, it's essential to start on the right foot. Our recommended starting strategy involves recruiting five Berserkers right from the beginning. Follow the in-game tutorial to get acquainted with the mechanics and progress smoothly. It's advisable to reserve a balanced quantity of various resources, such as oranges, flour, linen, leather, magic powder, wood, ore, and more. This ensures that you have a sufficient supply to meet your needs as the game progresses.

Diamonds are your valuable currency in Evil Hunter Tycoon, and investing them wisely can give you a significant advantage. At the start, consider using diamonds to purchase two vampire bats. These pets prove to be invaluable companions, particularly during the early stages of the game. They will greatly assist you in your hunting endeavors.

Maximizing Berserker Potential: Equipment, Training, and Enhancements

Berserkers are the backbone of your hunting team, renowned for their strength and effectiveness. To fully exploit their potential, it's crucial to train them meticulously. In the pre-Austerity stage, focus on equipping your main Berserker with a powerful orange-grade weapon, such as the Burning Sword. Additionally, prioritize obtaining suitable personality traits for your Berserkers, as these traits significantly impact their performance.

Equipment plays a pivotal role in enhancing your Berserkers' capabilities. We recommend utilizing the Burning Sword, Lucky Armor, Valkyrie Gloves, and Wind Shoes. The Lucky Armor, in particular, influences the speed at which you acquire the Cyclops' Eye and Vampire Essence, crucial materials for your Berserkers' progression. As you progress to higher difficulties, aim to obtain similar equipment sets, replacing the previous ones.

Enhancing your equipment is key to strengthening your Berserkers. Focus on enhancing their weapons to +10 initially, while taking a more relaxed approach to the other gear. If you feel your Berserkers require additional power, enhance their armor to +10 as well. However, remember not to exhaust excessive time and resources on enhancements. Once you reach the Expert stage, consider enhancing the orange-grade equipment to +15 to further augment their strength.

Mastering Skills and Traits

Skills and traits significantly impact your Berserkers' combat prowess. Prioritize upgrading their skills as you progress through each difficulty level. For traits, allocate points to Double Attack in the early stages. In the Austerity stage, we recommend investing in 4 Defense, 2 Double Attack, 1 Lightning, and 1 Attack Speed. These choices enhance their survivability and damage output, ensuring they become formidable adversaries.

Navigating Underground Dungeons

Underground dungeons provide valuable rewards, but it's crucial to approach them strategically. Avoid rushing into these dungeons and instead wait until you reach the next difficulty level. At that point, select a powerful Berserker to solo the dungeon, eliminating the need to send the entire team. Don't forget to claim gemstone rewards by clicking on the dungeon selection screen.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Earning as a Hunter: Maximizing Your Income

As a hunter, earning money is a vital aspect of the game. Understanding the most effective methods to generate income is essential for your progress. In Evil Hunter Tycoon, there are several avenues to increase your earnings and build a prosperous hunting empire.

One of the most lucrative ways to make money is by producing and selling potions. Potions have the advantage of having no cooldown, allowing you to continuously produce and sell them. Focus on collecting the necessary materials to make potions in large quantities, as they sell quickly and provide a steady stream of income. Keep an eye on the market demand and adjust your production accordingly.

Bandages are another item that can be automatically sold, although they have a cooldown period and are relatively cheaper. While bandages can still generate income, their slower rate compared to potions means they should be considered a supplementary source of revenue.

Food items, such as those that restore energy, are not recommended for indefinite material collection unless you specifically need them. These items have limited market value and are more suitable for personal consumption or occasional sales.

Equipment production is a potential avenue for income, although it can be more volatile. The value of equipment fluctuates greatly, with only rare and exceptional pieces fetching high prices. Keep an eye out for valuable equipment and focus on producing them when the market conditions are favorable. However, it's important to note that equipment cannot be automatically sold, requiring more effort in terms of marketing and pricing.


Evil Hunter Tycoon is a game that requires a significant time investment. Many aspects of the game require a large number of diamonds, and earning money is the foundation of everything. However, what is difficult for people to accept is that this game does not have an offline auto-battle feature, leading many players to give up on it. If you are a fan of Evil Hunter Tycoon, don't worry. You can make up for the shortcomings of this game by using the Redfinger Android emulator.

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