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The central focus of this content is on Darkness Rises, an immensely popular game distinguished by its distinctive weapon system, setting it apart from other similar games. Upon reaching the designated level, players gain access to a remarkable weapon system known as "Overlimit Weapons." Therefore, the subsequent discussion primarily centers around the fascinating realm of Overlimit Weapons.

Darkness Rises

Introduction to Overlimit Weapons in Darkness Rises

In the popular game Darkness Rises, players can unlock an exciting new weapon gameplay feature called Overlimit once they reach level 81. These unique weapons, commonly known as "Overlimit," are designed to cater to mainstream characters. The progression of Overlimit Weapons involves obtaining three new evolution materials: Superconductive Metal Hydrogen, Nano Ceramics, and Mechanical Components. Upgraded Overlimit Weapons start with a base rarity of 5 stars and an initial level of 50. Players have the option to further enhance and upgrade their Overlimit Weapons using gold and equipment experience materials. Through this enhancement process, players can gradually increase the weapon's level from 50 to 55, 60, and 65.

How to Obtain Overlimit Weapons in Darkness Rises

In order to create Overlimit Weapons in Darkness Rises, players must initially unlock weapon codexes. These codexes can be accessed by obtaining the respective weapons beforehand. At present, players have the option to acquire rare new materials through the Conversion Egg Pool equipment available in the activity store. Alternatively, these materials can be easily obtained through daily stages or directly purchased from the Star Stone Store.

1. To forge the Heavy Magnetic Storm Slash, you need to unlock the codex for the Magnetic Storm Slash. To forge the Blade of Ice Hell, you need to unlock the codex for the Imitation Spirit Blade Ice Mist Heaven. This means that players must have obtained these two weapons to meet the forging requirements.

2. Regardless of whether you choose to forge the Heavy Magnetic Storm Slash or the Blade of Ice Hell, the essential condition is fulfilled by tossing any level 50 egg into the pool. Therefore, it is important to note that crafting the Heavy Magnetic Storm Slash does not necessitate having a level 50 Magnetic Storm Slash specifically. The reason I utilized the Magnetic Storm Slash to forge the Heavy Magnetic Storm Slash was simply because I coincidentally possessed that weapon.

3. These newfound materials possess a remarkable scarcity. At present, players have the opportunity to trade a portion of them through equipment resonance acquired from the Conversion Egg Pool in the activity store. As for the forthcoming means of acquisition, it hinges upon the strategies formulated by the game developers.

4. Certain materials among these can be readily obtained. By engaging in daily stages, you can easily acquire them, and if desired, you can also directly purchase them from the Star Stone Store.

5. Despite being novel materials, there exist numerous avenues for their acquisition. The Star Stone Store offers a direct purchase option where you can obtain them. For Captains who have achieved level 82, a single gold coin expenditure in the store grants them 120 units of Superconductive Metal Hydrogen.

Darkness Rises

Do Overlimit Weapons in Darkness Rises Require the Original Weapons?

In Darkness Rises, acquiring Overlimit Weapons does not necessitate the possession of the original weapons. Merely having the corresponding codex is sufficient. Let's consider the Overlimit Magnetic Storm Shovel as an example: once you have unlocked the codex for this weapon, you can enhance any level 50 katana into the Overlimit Magnetic Storm Slash. The actual Magnetic Storm Shovel is not mandatory for this upgrade, although it can still be utilized during the enhancement process. In the event that the original weapon is dismantled, you have the option to utilize any other 5-star egg pool weapon of the same type to upgrade it and restore the original weapon.


In Darkness Rises, Overlimit Weapons are renowned for their formidable attack power and are reserved exclusively for high-level players. Nevertheless, acquiring these weapons presents a significant challenge, making them elusive to many seasoned players. Fortunately, Redfinger Android Emulator provides a valuable resource for players seeking to expedite the process of obtaining Overlimit Weapons. By utilizing this emulator, players can learn effective strategies to swiftly acquire these coveted weapons.

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