Redfinger | Darkness Rises: A Review of the Dark Action RPG Mobile Game

Darkness Rises is a dark 3D action RPG mobile game developed by Boolean Games under Nexon. The exquisite and delicate game screen comparable to the end game creates a visual feast for the players. The sense of combat strikes is hearty, and the free combination of rich skills is a fantasy world. You will find the initial touch here. The new world competitive masterpiece, let you experience the dark action game that you have never felt before!

Darkness Rises

With over 35 million downloads worldwide, Darkness Rises is a game that has captured the attention of mobile gamers. It boasts excellent graphics and optimization, with a variety of gameplay systems that make it stand out from other mobile games. In this article, we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of Darkness Rises and evaluate whether it's worth your time and effort.

Advantages of Darkness Rises

Graphics and Optimization: Darkness Rises is an excellent game in terms of graphics and optimization. The game's 3D stereoscopic image and dark theme make for a visually stunning experience. The optimization of the game is also commendable, as even an old machine like Samsung NOTE5 can run the game at 30 FPS when the graphics are set to high.

PVE Gameplay: The game's PVE gameplay is divided into three parts: the main storyline, multiplayer dungeon challenges, and special dungeons. The main storyline is an adventure route that allows players to quickly obtain resources through raids. The game is not too serious, and most of the copies can be completed only by hanging up.

Pinching Faces: One of the major selling points of Darkness Rises is the ability to customize the characters' appearance, including hairstyles, facial features, makeup, and body shape. Players can fully customize their character's appearance, which is a great feature for those who enjoy creating unique characters.

Action: The game's action and combat system are excellent, with satisfying strikes and a variety of skills to choose from. The use of camera angles and camera movements add to the game's expressiveness and create a more immersive experience for players.

Plot: The game's story and character development are impressive, with a lot of attention paid to storytelling. The game's novice guidance at the beginning of the game is also well-done, laying out a large number of story animations and character dubbing to explain the storyline of the game.

Disadvantages of Darkness Rises

Skills and PVP: While Darkness Rises offers an impressive combat system and a variety of skills to choose from, its skill setting can be problematic in PVP. One of the major issues is the long cooldowns for common skills, which can result in awkward skill vacuum periods where players are unable to use any abilities. Furthermore, the shared point system for adding points can make it challenging for players to specialize in specific areas, which can be a hindrance in PVP battles. The dodge skill is another area where the game falls short, as it is poorly executed and can make it difficult to escape or counterattack when attacked. These issues can detract from the overall enjoyment of PVP battles and make it less appealing for players who enjoy this aspect of the game.

PK Field: The PK field is one of the weakest aspects of Darkness Rises, lacking essential features such as distance indicators. While there are directional arrows around the character indicating the location of enemies and friendly forces, they are not very useful, particularly for mages who need to know the distance to plan their attacks effectively. As a result, players may find themselves getting caught off guard and unable to react quickly enough, which can be frustrating. Overall, the PK field is unfriendly and may not appeal to players who enjoy competitive gameplay.

Darkness Rises


Overall, Darkness Rises offers a unique and engaging dark fantasy experience that is definitely worth playing. It is not only available on Android devices but can also be played on PC through an Android online emulator, making it accessible to a wider audience. Even if your phone has limited storage space or a slow internet connection, you can still enjoy the game. Many players choose use Redfinger Android emulator to play Darkness Rises. While this guide has covered some of the game's advantages and disadvantages, there is much more to discover by playing the game yourself. So why not give it a try and immerse yourself in the dark and thrilling world of Darkness Rises?

Darkness Rises