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In Darkness Rises, players need to master the best card selection, hero selection and skill combination. Only after mastering these can you be one step closer to success and become a real game master.

Darkness Rises

Understanding the Darkness Rises

The Darkness Rises allows players to utilize powerful cards and unique abilities. Unlike traditional gameplay mechanics, the Darkness Rises offers a range of benefits and synergies that can greatly enhance a player's chances of success. By delving into the Darkness Rises, players gain access to a variety of cards and strategies that can turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Optimal Card Choices

Choosing the right cards for your Darkness Rises deck is crucial for success. Based on the strategies outlined in our previous sections, we recommend the following key cards:

1. Crea: Crea serves as a mid-game pillar in the Darkness Rises deck. Its ability to return a red card during the preparation phase and rotate the Dimension System during the battle phase provides valuable flexibility.

2. Omar: Omar is a dimension card that excels at buffing red cards. Its fixed buff per round ensures a steady increase in the strength of red cards in your hand. Having Omar in your mid-game arsenal guarantees a solid power boost, but be mindful of timing to ensure maximum effectiveness.

3. Imp: The versatile Imp card plays a vital role in the early game. During the first few rounds, Imp can help establish a strong foundation for your deck. Its ability to rotate cards and provide buffs ensures consistent progress.

4. Modo: Modo is a reliable dimension card for summoning red cards. It offers stability and assurance in the late game by consistently pulling two red cards.

5. Cassilius: Cassilius is a strong choice for late-game red card summoning and equipment. While it may not offer significant advantages, it provides stability and additional support.

6. Ancient One: The Ancient One serves multiple purposes in the Darkness Rises deck. Firstly, it helps fill the gap for 5-cost cards that do not bring additional cards. Secondly, the Ancient One plays a crucial role in the core structure of the deck, specifically the 4-cost and 6-cost cards.

7. Dormammu: Dormammu, the centerpiece of the Darkness Rises deck, is a game-changer. With Dormammu, opponents' core cards can be directly destroyed, disrupting their strategies.

Strategizing with the Darkness Rises

To maximize the potential of the Darkness Rises deck, players need to employ a strategic approach. Here are some key considerations:

1. Formation of the Dimension System: The success of the Darkness Rises deck relies on establishing a solid dimension system. This entails utilizing rotation cards to ensure you have two or more red cards in your hand and enough means to summon them onto the battlefield. Balancing the distribution of cards and timing rotations is essential for a well-functioning dimension system.

2. Mid-Game Power Boost: During the mid-game, focus on finding Omar to enhance the strength of your red cards. This phase is crucial for solidifying your deck and building a competitive advantage. Utilize rotation cards and search options to increase your chances of drawing Omar.

3. Late-Game Dominance: In the late game, Dormammu and the Infinite Gloves become pivotal to your success. Sell redundant red cards and prioritize the summoning of two Modo Barons to ensure a stable flow of reinforcements. Be cautious of opponent strategies and carefully time your plays to maximize the potential of Dormammu's destructive abilities.

Hero Selection and Skill Combinations

The choice of hero and skill combinations can greatly impact your Darkness Rises gameplay. We recommend the following:

1. Hela and Iron Man: Hela and Iron Man synergize exceptionally well with the Darkness Rises deck. Hela's ability to carry events and weapons without interfering with your strategy is invaluable. Iron Man's support complements the core cards of the deck, specifically the 4-cost Omar and the 6-cost Dormammu. Together, they provide a well-rounded and formidable lineup.

2. Understanding Hero Skills: Opt for a hero skill that aligns with your playstyle and the requirements of your Darkness Rises deck. Whether it's a skill that provides additional Mage cards, like the six-book skill, or one that assists in summoning and rotation, selecting a suitable hero skill is vital for optimizing your strategy.

Darkness Rises

Mastering the Darkness Rises: Tips and Tricks

1. Upgrade Rhythm: It's crucial to maintain a steady upgrade rhythm throughout the game. Pay attention to your health level and adjust your upgrade timing accordingly. Strive to strike a balance between strengthening your deck and preserving resources.

2. Battle Adaptation: Flexibility and adaptability are key attributes for success in the Darkness Rises. Analyze the battlefield, opponents' strategies, and adjust your gameplay accordingly. Quick thinking and strategic decision-making will give you an edge over your adversaries.

3. Timing Is Everything: Understanding the timing of your plays is essential. Whether it's the rotation of cards, the summoning of red cards, or the deployment of Dormammu's destructive abilities, timing your moves can make or break your chances of victory.


To attain mastery in Darkness Rises, it is essential to continuously learn and perfect the combinations of different cards and skills. In case you are unsure about where to find valuable tips for this, consider utilizing the Redfinger Android emulator by downloading it. This emulator can provide assistance and support in your journey.

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