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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds offers various job categories, and the Destroyer job has gained popularity among many players. However, not all players may be suited for this job. This article aims to serve as a beginner's guide, providing an overview of the skills and characteristics of the Destroyer class, to help new players gain a basic understanding and make an informed job choice.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

The Role of the Destroyer

Despite the name "Destroyer," the Destroyer job class is not about causing destruction but instead focuses on protecting the team. The Destroyer is a reliable presence that shoulders the heavy burden of defending the team from enemy attacks. The job class's skills are based on mobility and crowd control, allowing the player to enter monster groups efficiently and use skills to force enemies to stay in place, making it easier for the player and their teammates to defeat them.

Skills of the Destroyer

The Destroyer has several unique skills that make them stand out from other job classes. These skills are based on mobility and crowd control, allowing the player to efficiently enter and control groups of monsters. Some of the notable skills of the Destroyer include:

Whirlwind Slash

The Whirlwind Slash skill allows the player to quickly rotate to attack the surrounding area, and the player can move while using the skill.

Savage Charge

Savage Charge is a powerful skill that swings the hammer upwards to cause damage, and the enemy who receives the last hit will be thrown into the air.

Instant Blade

Instant Blade is another useful skill of the Destroyer that allows the player to jump forward and strike downward on the enemy, and the enemy that is hit will have their movement speed reduced. 

Battle Cry

Battle Cry is a unique skill of the Destroyer that has taunt and area attack functions. The player shouts and attacks with the power of fire, provoking enemies around the player to attack them. The provoked enemy will temporarily lose control and be unable to use skills.

Gravity Attraction

Gravity Attraction is a special active skill that pulls a large group of monsters towards the player, fully showcasing the tanking characteristics of the shield. 


Fearless is a skill that allows the player to strengthen their body by enduring pain, significantly reducing the amount of damage they take for a certain period of time, but also reducing their movement speed. 

How to Build a Destroyer Character

Creating a powerful Destroyer character in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds requires a strategic balance of the character's attributes, including strength, defense, and agility. To create a balanced character, players must allocate attribute points based on their playstyle and preference. For example, players who prefer to act as a front-line tank should prioritize defense, while those who want to deal more damage can allocate more points to strength.

Agility is another crucial attribute for a Destroyer character as it enables the player to move swiftly and dodge incoming attacks, making it a crucial factor in combat. Players should aim to find the right balance between agility and defense to create a formidable and well-rounded character.

To enhance the character's abilities and increase their effectiveness in combat, players should focus on equipping their Destroyer character with the best weapons and armor available. By selecting gear that aligns with their playstyle and attribute build, players can maximize their character's potential and achieve success in battles.

The Role of the Destroyer in Team Composition

Destroyer is a very important role in team composition. They can act as a tank, drawing the attention of enemies away from their teammates and absorbing damage with their skills and high defense. This allows the other team members, such as damage dealers or healers, to focus on their roles without worrying about being attacked. The Destroyer's crowd control skills also make them effective at controlling the battlefield and keeping enemies at bay, allowing the team to strategize and work together to defeat their enemies.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds


To form a team in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, including a Destroyer is essential. Every team should have at least one Destroyer, whether it is for dungeons or missions. Since the Destroyer's attack power is not significant, it is necessary to have the cooperation of teammates to use its tanking abilities and crowd control skills effectively. Furthermore, to become a master of the game, players must explore other professions, which you can access through the Redfinger Android emulator.

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