Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds - A Comprehensive Guide to the Adventurous Roles

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a brand-new sequel to the "Ni no Kuni" game series, planned by LEVEL-5, animated by Studio Ghibli, and with music production by Joe Hisaishi. It is a mobile RPG game set in an animated movie-style fantasy world. There are many unique professions in the game, and players can use this guide to get a detailed understanding of each profession before making a choice.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds - Technician Profession Introduction

The "Technician" profession is known for its user-friendly mechanics, making it easy to operate. It excels in long-range attacks, allowing players to inflict consistent damage while keeping a safe distance from enemies. These little inventors have an adorable and bouncy appearance that adds to their charm. Moreover, the "Technician" possesses a unique active skill that sets it apart from other characters in the game: it can provide area healing for all teammates and simultaneously reduce skill cooldown. Seasoned players understand the immense value of these two abilities. Faster cooldown means more opportunities for damage, while area healing ensures a steady output from the team. Serving as a reliable lifeline for the group and offering continuous support feels incredibly rewarding. It's a fantastic experience to be able to assist and help others in the game.

Technician Skills Introduction:

1. Bomber Call: Request artillery support to attack the target area, turning it into scorched earth. The attacked enemies will be stunned.

2. Elemental Impact: Amplifies the power of attributes and shoots forward. The movement speed of the attacked enemies will be reduced.

3. Explosive Shot: The technician shoots special bullets at the enemy. When the bullets hit the enemy, they explode and cause damage.

4. Absolute Chaos: Summons a machine device that interferes with electromagnetic waves at a designated location, inflicting continuous damage and silence on enemies within the area.

5. Time Acceleration: The technician summons a special clock that reduces the cooldown time of basic skills for themselves and teammates while increasing the damage dealt by basic skills.

6. Healing Sacred Tree: Summons a tree of life that emits life force at regular intervals to restore HP for themselves and teammates, providing life recovery and protective shields for teammates.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds - Rogue Profession Introduction

The Rogue profession specializes in long-range sniping and possesses skills that excel in slowing down enemies. These skills prove valuable not only in battles against monsters but also in PvP and territorial conflicts. One remarkable aspect of the Rogue's special active skills is their ability to enhance the abilities of teammates. For instance, the skill "Performance Time" simultaneously boosts attack power, defense, and movement speed. When combined with the immobilizing effect of "Distorted Arrow," it empowers allies while weakening foes. With more Rogues in a team, their collective power grows exponentially, instilling a sense of dread in their adversaries. The Rogue boasts unparalleled mobility among all professions, enabling them to traverse the battlefield effortlessly, unleash precise long-range attacks, and bestow potent buffs upon teammates. If you relish the thrill of swift movement, relentless assault, and providing support to allies, opt for the Rogue wielding a short bow as their weapon of choice!

Rogue Skills Introduction:

1. Arrow Rain Storm: Shoots a rain of arrows over a wide area, causing continuous damage. The movement speed of the attacked enemies will be reduced.

2. Multiple Shot: Shoots arrows that pierce through enemies in front and cause damage. The attacked enemies will be pushed backward and have reduced movement speed.

3. Evasive Shot: Jumps backward with agile movements and shoots arrows.

4. Distorted Arrow: Shoots dark arrows that can distort time and space. When the arrows hit the enemy, they explode at that location and gradually attract enemies in the area, making them unable to move.

5. Performance Time: Enhances the physical abilities of the team member with the highest attack power, temporarily greatly increasing attack power, defense, and movement speed.

6. Burning Heart: Amplifies the power of the valiant heart and strengthens the attack power of oneself and teammates. By continuously attacking, it has excellent armor-piercing capabilities.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds - Destroyer Profession Introduction

When compared to other occupations, the Destroyer profession stands out due to its proficiency in charging-type movement abilities. These unique skills, like "Savage Charge" and "Swift Leaf Slash," enable players to swiftly engage groups of monsters with great efficiency. By immobilizing adversaries through these abilities, such as forcing them to stay in place, the Destroyer allows both themselves and their teammates to dispatch monsters more effectively. Furthermore, the Destroyer's arsenal includes special active skills like "Battle Cry" and "Gravity Attraction," which possess taunt and area attack functionalities. These skills play a crucial role in team strategies, whether it be clearing dungeons or defeating formidable bosses, making them indispensable assets for tanking purposes.

Destroyer Skills Introduction:

1. Whirlwind Slash: Rapidly rotates and attacks the surroundings. Movement is possible while using this skill.

2. Fierce Assault: Swings the hammer forcefully upward to cause damage. The last attacked enemy will be launched into the air.

3. Swift Leaf Slash: Jumps forward and strikes downward to reduce the movement speed of the attacked enemy.

4. Battle Cry: Shouts and attacks the surrounding enemies with the power of fire, provoking them to attack oneself. The provoked enemies will temporarily enter an out-of-control state and cannot use skills.

5. Gravity Attraction: Strongly stomps the ground with the feet, causing the earth to shake. Attracts nearby enemies to oneself and inflicts damage with the power of wood.

6. Fearless: Strengthens the body to endure pain, greatly reducing the amount of damage received for a certain period of time but reducing movement speed. Enhances one's combat ability by enduring attacks.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds - Wizard Profession Introduction

The "Wizard" in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds sets itself apart from the conventional image of a spell-casting wizard. Within the game, this wizard utilizes a spear to engage in combat, specializing purely in offense. Their standard skills not only inflict substantial damage but also encompass diverse effects that impede enemies, such as knockdowns and slowing down their movements. Of all the skills available, the "Thorny Death" special active skill proves particularly advantageous as it amplifies enemy vulnerability, ensuring greater damage output. Employing this skill a few times at the onset of battle effortlessly clears out adversaries. On the other hand, the "Flash" skill serves as a test of one's abilities. When skillfully executed, it allows for elegant maneuvering on the battlefield, deftly evading monster attacks. Nonetheless, certain skills of the wizard possess a limited attack range or demand precise distancing, necessitating adept positioning and operational skills from the player. This aspect might pose a slight challenge for beginners!

Wizard Skills Introduction:

1. Blade Storm: Rapidly spins the spear and attacks the front with super-high speed. The attacked enemies will fall down.

2. Spear Waltz: The spear elegantly spins around the wizard and attacks enemies.

3. Storm Spear: The spear moves according to the wizard's gestures and inflicts damage on enemies. The movement speed of the attacked enemies will be reduced.

4. Storm Breaker: Creates an area that causes a blizzard by using the power of water, inflicting damage on enemies within the area at regular intervals and briefly stunning them.

5. Thorny Death: Summons lethal dark thorns that pierce through objects on the ground. The attacked enemies will temporarily take increased damage.

6. Flash: Instantly moves in the specified direction and becomes immune to damage for a certain period. Can return to the original position within 5 seconds by using the skill again. Enhances one's combat ability and the attack speed of teammates.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds - Swordsman Profession Introduction

The Swordsman possesses a distinctive trait of having a generally extended attack range, enabling the easy elimination of numerous enemies without the need for overly precise movements. In critical moments, the Swordsman can forcefully repel adversaries, granting precious time for consuming potions or adjusting positioning. For players unaccustomed to action-oriented gameplay, the Swordsman may serve as an ideal starting point. Abilities like "Sanctuary of Defense," which establishes a defensive zone for the team, and "Flame of Life," which boosts maximum HP for both oneself and teammates, prove highly advantageous. These skills not only safeguard the Swordsman but also bolster the defense of allies, reinforcing the team's endurance in combat and establishing the Swordsman as a versatile character.

Swordsman Skills Introduction:

1. Perfect Blade: Swiftly swings the weapon to kill enemies. The movement speed of the attacked enemies will be reduced.

2. Dance of Blades: Resonates with the sword and shoots sword energy forward, pushing the attacked enemies backward.

3. Whirling Slash: Swiftly spins and charges forward. The attacked enemies will fall down.

4. Sanctuary of Defense: Inserts the sword into the ground, creating a domain. Within the domain, one can enhance their combat ability and that of teammates.

5. Blade Release: Empowers the weapon with sword energy, temporarily enabling long-range light attribute attacks. Attack speed will increase during this time.

6. Flame of Life: Ignites the flame of life, increasing the maximum HP of oneself and teammates. It also provides a protective shield and restores a small amount of HP.


Each profession in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has its own characteristics, and different professions are suitable for different players. To have an in-depth understanding of each character, it is not enough to rely solely on guides. You can use the Redfinger Android emulator to create multiple professions simultaneously and gain a deeper understanding of each profession within the game.

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