Redfinger | A Comprehensive Guide to Ragnarok: Labyrinth

Embark on an epic journey through The Ragnarok: Labyrinth, also known as RO: Labyrinth. In this immersive mobile game, players must strengthen their characters, increase their battle power, and conquer various challenges. From choosing the right job to mastering skills, acquiring powerful equipment, and defeating formidable bosses, this guide will provide you with all the essential information, tips, and cheats to dominate the game.

Ragnarok: Labyrinth

Get Started With Ragnarok: Labyrinth Basics

To begin your adventure, select one of the four available jobs: swordsman, thief, magician, or archer. Each job has its own unique playstyle and can be further specialized into sub-jobs. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to change jobs at certain levels or through specific quests, unlocking new abilities and playstyles.

The Ragnarok: Labyrinth is an idle game, meaning your character will continue to gain experience and rewards even when you're not actively playing. Take advantage of this feature to accumulate base EXP, Job EXP, Zeny, and other valuable items.

Ragnarok: Labyrinth Characters

Choose your class wisely, as it will define your character's strengths and abilities. The archer class boasts high ranged ATK and specialized ranged abilities, while the dancer class shines as a support character with healing and buffing abilities. Hunters excel in boss battles with their long-ranged strikes, while swordsmen possess great DEF and melee offense. Knights and crusaders are known for their outstanding defensive capabilities, and sages and wizards wield powerful magical abilities. Rogues possess excellent hand skills and flexibility, while assassins deal pure damage with impressive attack speed. Finally, thieves excel in both damage and attack speed.

Determining the Best Class

While personal preference plays a significant role, certain classes shine in specific roles. Crusaders are the epitome of defensive prowess, while hunters dominate in ranged DPS. Wizards reign supreme in mage DPS, and assassins excel in melee DPS. Dancers offer invaluable support and healing abilities, despite not inflicting significant damage. Consider your preferred playstyle and strategic objectives when choosing the best class for your adventures in The Ragnarok: Labyrinth.

Guide to Bosses & MVPs

Bosses are formidable adversaries that guard each hunting field in adventure mode. Defeating them is essential to progress further. Locate the boss button in the lower-right corner to summon the boss and challenge them. Additionally, MVPs are powerful enemies that appear periodically or can be summoned using special tickets. By defeating MVPs, players can acquire coveted rewards, including Zeny, upgrade materials, and card upgrade tickets.

Unleash Hero Skills

Heroes possess a variety of skills that can be manually or automatically triggered. By tapping the auto button in the lower-left corner, you can set your preferred skill usage. It's important to note that certain skills require specific weapons equipped. For example, archers must equip bows to access their full skill set. Unlock and level up skills by allocating skill points earned through leveling up, defeating monsters, and completing quests. Expand your skill slots using Nyangvine, the game's premium currency.

Ragnarok: Labyrinth

How to Earn Nyangvine

Acquiring Nyangvine can be done through various means within the game. One way is by playing for a total of 360 minutes in a day, which grants you 100 Nyangvine. Make sure to check the event section and participate in activities that offer Nyangvine as a reward. Additionally, complete all the daily quests to earn an additional 50 Nyangvine for free. Keep an eye out for the wheel option in the game's menu, as it sometimes offers Nyangvine as a reward when spinning. If you come across other methods of farming Nyangvine, be sure to take advantage of them to enhance your gameplay experience.

Guide to Equipment

Equipment plays a crucial role in your character's effectiveness in battle. Craft gears that are suitable for your job and equip them to boost your stats. Gears come in different grades represented by stars, with higher star levels indicating more powerful equipment. You can obtain gears through crafting gearboxes or directly crafting weapons and armor using the required materials. The shop is another avenue to acquire gears by spending Nyangvine on gearboxes. Upgrading your equipment using upgrade materials, such as Oridecon and Elunium, will further increase your character's battle power. Farm these upgrade materials by defeating monsters and MVPs in hunting fields.

Exploring Cards

Cards provide additional stat bonuses to your character when equipped. You can obtain cards from card boxes crafted using materials or by participating in the labyrinth island mode. Upgrade your cards using card upgrade tickets, which can be obtained by defeating MVPs or purchasing card boxes using Nyangvine. Take the time to assess each card's unique stats and choose those that best complement your playstyle and job. Strategically equipping and upgrading cards will significantly enhance your character's overall performance.


In Ragnarok: Labyrinth, mastering numerous skills is essential. To acquire additional skills, players must delve into various guides. By downloading the Redfinger Android emulator, you can fulfill your skill development requirements conveniently.

Ragnarok: Labyrinth