Ragnarok Origin Global Tips and Tricks to Complete Daily Commissions Quest 2023

It is common that adventurers are possibly to encounter Daily Commissions quest, namely Tricks of Trade, when enjoying the latest MMORPG Ragnarok Origin Global. Once reaching this quest, players believe the quest is challenging in that it asks them to complete the quest manually without the help of the game's auto feature. 

Ragnarok Origin Global Daily Commissions Quest

Adventurers may assume the role of a trader who traverses between cities and is proficient in buying low and selling high. In this sense, this article serves to enable gamers in Ragnarok Origin Global to grasp a full understanding of the quest's intricacies and facilitate the completion in a smoother manner.  

Commence in the Initial City

The first course of Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay entails journeying to either the Prontera Merchant or Izlude Merchant. It is imperative that either the 2nd or 3rd item is procured in full quantity, with the 1st item being ineligible due to the limited capacity of the Cargo Bag when purchased in such quantity, thereby rendering minimal profit if a few of these items are brought along.

Ragnarok Origin Global Commence in the Initial City

Supposing the 2nd item is a Deviruchi Fork with a buying price of 13,000, for instance. Attempting to sell it back to the Izlude merchant would result in a price of 10,140, indicating a loss of profit in Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay. Ergo, it is vital that the purchased item is not sold at the point of acquisition, but rather in other cities.

Venture to Other Cities for Lucrative Trades

Secondly, in order to gain profits to a large extent, it is essential to venture to other cities to sell items adventurers boast at a higher price, which is similar to the principles of real-world trading. Goods sourced from distant locations are typically priced higher in far-off markets. To optimize your trading route of Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay, follow this guide to sell items in different cities:

Ragnarok Origin Global Daily Venture to Other Cities for Lucrative Trades

  • Izlude Merchant -> Prontera Merchant or Poring Island Merchant

  • Prontera Merchant -> Izlude Merchant

  • Poring Island Merchant -> Izlude Merchant or Bridge of Desert Merchant

  • Bridge of Desert Merchant -> Poring Island Merchant or Sograt Merchant

  • Sograt Merchant -> Bridge of the Desert Merchant

Replicate the Process Continuously

After selling items, it's time to follow the Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay and repeat the process by purchasing the 2nd or 3rd item at full quantity from a merchant and traveling to the next city to sell it for a profit, following the optimal routes as mentioned in Step 2. By replicating the process continuously, gamers are able to gain a large number of Poring Coins, amounting to 200,000.

Ragnarok Origin Global Replicate the Process Continuously

The last but most important thing is to submit the quest when achieving the objectives of obtaining 200,000 Poring Coins in Ragnarok Origin Global. As a result, it means the "Tricks of Trade" quest is concluded successfully. 

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