Top 5 Things Beginners Should Cover Daily in Ragnarok Origin Global

Top 5 Things Beginners Should Cover Daily in Ragnarok Origin GlobalSince many of you have played Ragnarok Origin Global, there is a wealth of information available from a variety of sources. But beginners who just started playing on this new server might be curious about how to level up their character as much as possible without sacrificing daily advantages. In this sense, hope this article finds you well. 

Completion of Quests

A unique aspect of the Daily Quest in Ragnarok Origin Global is the usage of a Daily Ticket to limit the number of Daily Quests that may be performed in a day. As a player's level rises, more Daily Tickets are available; at level 20, there are 40, at level 30, there are 60, and at level 45 or higher there are 80. There are between 10 and 40 Daily Tickets needed to complete each Daily Quest. With each additional Daily Ticket used, more EXP is acquired. There are numerous different types of quests that players can finish in order to collect a range of materials in Ragnarok Origin Global.

Demon Treasure

Players can assist Daviruchi, who is ensnared in spider webs, in one of the daily chores called Demon Treasure in Ragnarok Origin Global. Unless they possess Demon Treasure cards, which allow them to assist more frequently, players are limited to 10 times of assistance every day. Players have the possibility to get a Blueprint for a fashion hat as well as other resources including Equip Crystals, Carat Diamonds, Bespo Cogwheels, Eden Coins, and Zeny by taking part in this activity. Without having to engage in combat or care about player level in Ragnarok Origin Global, you can perform this task ten times daily for free. It is a quick and effective method of getting benefits.

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Guild Banquet

Guild Banquet is an event that needs both guild membership and a level of 22 or higher to participate in. Adventurers prepare the ingredients for the guild's chef during this activity. Gamers wait to be served the cuisine that the chef has prepared once gamers have completed prepping the ingredients. The fact that players gain EXP and JOB points for every process is crucial. Simply put, by engaging in this activity, levels steadily rise. However, this activity must be completed at a specific time, beginning at 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday, when there will be alternative activities in place.

Daily Monsters, Bosses Hunting

Every Ragnarok Origin series game, whether it's a boss from an event or one that can be found on several maps, as far as we all know, must have a boss-hunting activity. The game has also been made more difficult by the addition of Elite monsters in this version. In order to obtain activity awards, players are required to beat 5 of them, for a total of 15, each day. As long as gamers deal a particular amount of damage, which is more for Elite and Mini Bosses but lower for MVPs. Ragnarok Origin Global players can still take part without having to physically harm the opponents. The daily task can be fully completed and boss drops can be obtained by simply completing 5 of them each day.

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Monster Annihilation

During the x6 item farming event known as Monster Annihilation, Ragnarok Origin Global adventurers can gather items to farm. In order to earn 30 minutes of Monster Annihilation time per day, accumulating 100 Active Event points daily through a variety of activities is a must. The most minutes players may accrue is 210. Consequently, gamers ought to use the Monster Annihilation time to gather resources before it reaches 210. Along with the Lucky Candy x2 item drop boost, players should also use it. 

In conclusion, following these tips and tricks may be useful for adventurers who are now playing Ragnarok Origin Global. Your character will be developed swiftly if you can check off everything on the list each day. Come to enjoy playing Ragnarok Origin Global!

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