An Ultimate Guide to Raise and Summon Ragnarok Origin Global Pets

An Ultimate Guide to Raise and Summon Ragnarok Origin Global PetsFor raising and improving your pets, Ragnarok Origin Global provides a wide range of possibilities. You may learn how to raise your pets using various techniques in this tutorial, and how to use both normal and special summoning to call them into existence. Consequently, let's explore the realm of Ragnarok Origin Global pets gear.

A Brief Introduction to Ragnarok Origin Global Pets Gear

Pet Gear comes in sets, and when two or four pieces from the same set are worn, additional Attribute Bonuses are granted. It's crucial to make a thoughtful choice because different sets give distinct set advantages. Spending Amber and Eden Coins can upgrade your pet's equipment even more with this Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay. Do not discard any duplicate Pet Gear since Amber can be recovered by disassembling undesired pet gear.

A further Secondary Attribute Bonus will be applied to the Gear at the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth levels of Enhancements. The two bonuses will stack if there is already a bonus for the same attribute as the new one. After the sixth level of enhancements, however, additional enhancements run the risk of failing, which means that materials will be lost. Therefore, before attempting to improve your pet gear, be sure you have enough resources. Only currently existing Attributes will be generated for the new bonus once the Attribute Bonus limits are met Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay.

Ragnarok Origin Global Pets

Ways to Raise Ragnarok Origin Global Pets

There are a few Ragnarok Origin Global gameplays to have in mind when raising pets in Ragnarok Origin Global. First off, pets cannot advance in level past that of their owner. Second, pets have access to a variety of equipment that can enhance their abilities, such as helmets, necklaces, weapons, outfits, bracelets, and shoes. Thirdly, Mythic Pets can be promoted by using shards of the same pet or generic pet shards, which unlocks additional forms and skills.

The last way to increase pet stats is by using Spirit Dew to select from a set of qualities that are generated at random. It is necessary to save the stats prior to applying them because training pets again without doing so would result in the replacement of the previous list with a new one. Players can create powerful and formidable pets to go on adventures with them by paying attention to these characteristics.

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Types of Summoning Ragnarok Origin Global Pets

There are two different sorts of pet summoning in Ragnarok Origin Global: normal summoning and special summoning. You can summon pets up to the legendary grade using normal summoning, which calls for normal pet summoning coupons or diamonds. For every 60th summoning, one legendary pet is assured. On the other side, special summoning needs special pet summoning coupons or nyan berries and enables you to summon pets up to the mythic grade. Every 60th summoning results in a guaranteed legendary or greater pet, and every 120th summoning results in a guaranteed mythic pet. Only the highest grade will be displayed when both guarantees are activated simultaneously by taking advantage of this Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay.

A Pet or Pet Shards are awarded along with 1 Poring Coin for each summoning. If you already own a pet, it will be transformed into Pet Shards if you acquire another one. If your Wish List is already full, you will undoubtedly receive one of the pets on it when you acquire a legendary or mythic pet. Another Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay should not be ignored, there is a free Summoning refresh Time, with normal summoning refreshing every day at 5:00 and special summoning refreshing on Mondays and Fridays at 5:00.

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