Mobile Legends: Bang Bang | A Comprehensive Guide to Playing as Lesley

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has captured the attention of gamers around the world. One of the most popular heroes in the game is Lesley, a marksman who is known for her long-range attacks and excellent mobility.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Understanding Lesley's Skills

Lesley's skills are an essential part of her playstyle and are critical to understanding how to use her effectively. Her first skill is a ranged attack that deals damage and penetrates enemy armor. It has a wider area of effect than her basic attack and can be used to harass enemies and clear minions.

Her second skill is a slow that affects all enemies in the area. Unlike her first skill, it does not require targeting and has the same range as her basic attack. This skill is useful for slowing down enemies and setting them up for follow-up attacks.

Lesley's ultimate ability is a long-range attack that deals massive damage to all enemies in the area. This ability has a long cooldown but can be used to finish off weakened enemies or to clear minion waves quickly.

Lesley's passive ability allows her to shoot while moving, making her a highly mobile marksman. Each attack deals 135% damage but has a slightly slower attack speed than her basic attack. Her passive also has a unique interaction with equipment passives, which we will discuss later in this article.

Equipment Choices for Lesley

Choosing the right equipment is crucial for success in Mobile Legends, and Lesley is no exception. In the early game, you should focus on building Bloodlust Axe to increase your sustain and allow you to stay in lane longer. This is followed by Rapid Boots to increase your mobility and help you avoid enemy attacks.

Next, you should build Scarlet Phantom to increase your critical chance and attack speed. This item synergizes well with Lesley's passive, allowing her to deal significant damage while moving. After Scarlet Phantom, you should build either Blade of Despair or Endless Battle, depending on your playstyle and the enemy team composition.

Lesley's unique interaction with equipment passives means that the first shot fired by her passive will trigger the passive of her equipment. This means that equipping Windtalker, which grants bonus critical damage, is not optimal as it only affects the first shot. Instead, focus on equipment passives that grant bonus attack damage or penetration, as these will benefit all of Lesley's attacks.

Laning and Gameplay Tips

When laning with Lesley, you should focus on farming minions and harassing enemy heroes with your first skill. You should avoid engaging in extended fights early on, as Lesley is relatively weak compared to other heroes. Instead, use your mobility to dodge enemy attacks and position yourself to deal damage from a safe distance.

In team fights, you should use your ultimate ability to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. You should also focus on targeting enemy heroes that are weakened or out of position, as Lesley's passive allows her to deal damage while moving.

Lesley's mobility and long-range attacks make her an excellent choice for split pushing. You can use your mobility to move quickly between lanes and clear minion waves, forcing enemy heroes to respond and creating opportunities for your team to take objectives elsewhere on the map.

When facing other marksmen, such as Miya or Layla, you should focus on building Scarlet Phantom to increase your attack speed and critical chance. In the early game, you should use your first skill to harass enemy heroes and farm minions. In the mid and late game, you can use your mobility to dodge enemy. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Outplaying Other Marksman Types

When it comes to other marksman types, with the exception of the burst queen, Miya and Layla are difficult for Irithel to handle, especially in the early game. They can negate her mobility advantage, and Layla's range and Miya's multi-shot passive make them tough matchups for Irithel. However, in the early game, Irithel can use her armor-piercing ability to deal significant damage and reduce the health of enemy minions. This can put pressure on the opposing marksman, forcing them to retreat and miss out on valuable farm. In team fights, Irithel should prioritize attacking the enemy marksman, as they are the most likely threat to her team's success. 


In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Irithel relies more on the combination of skills and equipment. If you choose the wrong one, the probability of failure will increase. Therefore, we not only need to check various guides, but also need to constantly try to buy different equipment. Of course, if you think this is time-consuming, you can also check the effects of different equipment through the Redfinger Android emulator.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang