Mastering Cyclops: A Guide to Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' Spell Machine Gun

Cyclops, also known as the Spell Machine Gun, is a highly sought-after hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This article aims to provide an all-encompassing guide on how to play Cyclops efficiently.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The Passive and Skills of Cyclops

Cyclops' passive skill is called Stellar Hourglass, which reduces the cooldown time of all skills by 0.5 seconds upon hitting an enemy with a skill. His first skill, Starry Impact, releases two starry waves that penetrate enemies, dealing magic damage. Meanwhile, his second skill, Planetary Attack, summons five balls that automatically track enemies, prioritizing heroes. When used, it briefly increases Cyclops' movement speed. His ultimate skill, Starlit Hourglass, uses a large light ball to immobilize and deal massive damage to an enemy hero.

Maximize the Use of Cyclops' Second Skill

When playing as Cyclops, it is recommended to max out his second skill first and use it as the primary skill. This is because the damage of his second skill is much stronger than his first skill when hitting all targets. Additionally, each hit from his second skill reduces the cooldown of all skills by 0.5 seconds, while his first skill only reduces it by 2 times when hitting all targets. The second skill automatically tracks targets, making it difficult to miss, while the first skill requires manual aim and prediction of enemy movements.

Equipping the Mage Emblem

It is recommended to equip the Mage Emblem with the first layer focused on movement speed, the second layer focused on lifesteal, and the third layer focused on the third talent option (in order of the second and first layer). The first layer increases movement speed, allowing Cyclops to move faster around the map and avoid danger. The second layer increases lifesteal, which allows Cyclops to regenerate health while dealing damage. The third layer offers various talents that can be customized based on the player's preference and playstyle.

Selecting Spells

As for spells, it is suggested to use "Flicker" or "Purify." Flicker is a useful escape tool that can be used to dodge incoming attacks or jump over walls. Purify is a good option when playing against heroes with crowd control abilities, as it removes all crowd control effects from Cyclops.

Playing the Early Game

Cyclops is a hero that requires farming to become strong, unlike other mages that have high area of effect damage and crowd control skills. He is vulnerable to ganks in the early game, so it is best to farm jungle monsters and gank instead of staying in lane. Cyclops is a fast farming jungler. At the start of the game, equip a level 2 jungle axe and clear minions or kill creeps to reach level 4 or 5. Then, gank top or bottom lane, kill turtles, or invade the enemy jungle. Use skills and ultimate generously as his passive skill reduces the cooldowns.

Maintaining Buffs

Maintaining buffs is crucial as Cyclops consumes a lot of mana, and the cooldown reduction buff helps his skills recover faster. The blue buff, which reduces mana consumption and cooldown time, is particularly useful for Cyclops. It is advisable to communicate with teammates and secure buffs as much as possible.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Playing Style

Cyclops can kill enemies in various ways, including standard mage backline damage output, using his ultimate for surprise attacks, or using his second skill to counter enemy attacks. When targeting enemies, prioritize damage dealers and avoid attacking tanks and tanks, as they have higher health and armor. It is also important to keep a safe distance from enemy heroes to avoid being targeted by their abilities. His second skill is his primary tool for chasing enemies, while his ultimate can be used to immobilize enemies and deal significant damage.

Playing Style: Jungle Cyclops

As a jungler, Cyclops can clear jungle monsters quickly and safely using his second skill. Start with the jungle axe and clear minion waves to reach level 4 or 5 quickly. Then, move to the jungle to farm and secure buffs. The purple buff, which increases attack speed and deals extra damage to monsters, is useful for Cyclops in the jungle. It is also recommended to invade the enemy jungle and steal their buffs to gain an advantage.

Playing Style: Roaming Cyclops

Cyclops can also be played as a roaming hero, helping allies in different lanes and securing objectives. When roaming, it is best to keep an eye on the mini-map and coordinate with teammates to ambush enemy heroes. Use his second skill to chase down enemies, while his ultimate can be used to immobilize them for an easy kill.

Playing Style: Late Game Cyclops

In the late game, Cyclops' damage output becomes stronger, and he can deal significant damage to multiple enemies. However, he is still vulnerable to crowd control effects and burst damage from enemy heroes. It is important to position carefully and avoid getting caught out of position. Use his skills and ultimate wisely, prioritizing targets that deal the most damage to the team.


Cyclops is the most suitable jungle hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It is relatively weak at the beginning, but when the jungler develops for a period of time, it will become a strong hero. As for how to quickly develop the economy and obtain powerful equipment , you can download the Redfinger Android emulator to discover more tricks.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang