A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Guinevere in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the world. With over 1 billion downloads, it continues to attract players from all corners of the globe. Among the various heroes available in the game, Guinevere, a warrior hero, is a popular choice among many players. She possesses great mobility, burst damage, and crowd control abilities. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to play Guinevere well in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Playing Guinevere - Early Game

In the early game, Guinevere's playstyle revolves around playing in the side lanes and taking advantage of her excellent regenerative abilities. You should aim to take the side jungle monsters, the gold crab, the blue buff, and the turtle as much as possible. This will help you to gain a gold and experience advantage over your opponents. Additionally, eating the turtle can provide you with an opportunity to gank the mid lane and put pressure on the enemy team.

Jumping Around and Basic Attacks

Guinevere's primary strength lies in her ability to jump around the battlefield and put pressure on her opponents. To play her well, you must master her jumping abilities. You should aim to jump accurately and use your first skill to reduce its cooldown. This will help you to jump on your opponents quickly and dish out burst damage. Remember that you can jump from bushes, open areas, or diagonally, but it is always best to aim for the middle. You should also anticipate your opponent's movements and try to predict where they will go.

Once you have jumped on your opponent, you can use your basic attacks to deal significant damage. This is especially true if you have bought attack speed boots. With high base attack speed and the ability to regenerate with basic attacks, you can use this to increase your regeneration ability. This will make it harder for your opponents to kill you and allow you to sustain yourself longer in fights.

Buying the Right Equipment

To play Guinevere well, you must also buy the right equipment. In the early game, you should buy shoes first. If the opponent does not have shoes, you can stick to them and attack them heavily. After buying shoes, you should pre-order the small vampire scepter to increase your regeneration ability. This will help you to stay on the battlefield longer and farm more effectively.

As a boxer, Guinevere relies heavily on critical strikes to deal significant damage. Therefore, you should buy critical strike equipment such as the deadly blade. This will enhance your ultimate skill and increase your damage output significantly. Additionally, magic damage is also enhanced by critical strikes. Therefore, you can buy a deadly blade to enhance your ultimate skill and deal massive damage to your opponents.

In the mid-to-late game, you should consider buying either the Green Stone or the Immortality Sword. The Green Stone is an excellent choice if you want to increase your lifesteal ability and enhance your ultimate skill. On the other hand, the Immortality Sword is a good choice if you want to use basic attacks to counter-attack and kill your opponents.

Mastering Guinevere - Combos and Tactics

To master Guinevere, you must also learn her various combos and tactics. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to play her better:

1. The Delay of the Knock-up: You should pay attention to the delay of the knock-up animation. Unlike instant stun skills like Leomord's, there is a delay in the animation of Guinevere's knock-up skills. This gives your opponents an opportunity to react and move away. You should also learn how to dodge and bait your opponents so that you can land your knock-up skill accurately.

2. Jumping into Team Fights: Guinevere's ultimate skill allows her to jump into team fights and deal massive damage to her opponents. However, this also puts her in a vulnerable position, and she can be heavily attacked or hooked by enemies. Therefore, you should choose your moments carefully and only jump in when you have the advantage.

3. Using your Crowd Control Abilities: Guinevere has various crowd control abilities that can help her to control the battlefield. Her second skill can stun and slow down her opponents, while her third skill can knock up and pull in her opponents. You should use these abilities wisely to control the battlefield and create opportunities for your team.

4. Coordinating with your Teammates: Guinevere is an excellent team player, and she can work well with other heroes in your team. You should coordinate with your teammates and try to initiate team fights when your team has the advantage. Additionally, you can also use your jumping abilities to help your teammates escape from dangerous situations.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Guinevere mainly relies on jumping and basic attacks to defeat the enemy. Of course, suitable equipment is also very important. This requires us to collect various Guinevere operation guides for learning. Among them, the Redfinger Android emulator platform is a good choice. Here You can learn various game skills.

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