Industry News | New MMORPG Ragnarok Origin Global Will Soon Launch in SEA

New MMORPG Ragnarok Origin Global Will Soon Launch in SEASeptember 15, 2022 witnessed the official launch of Ragnarok Origin in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, China. Players are able to access the game via cross-platforms, covering mobile and PC. According to the latest official announcement, Ragnarok Origin Global is about to be rolled out in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2023.  

As of yet, roughly 2,000,000 gamers have already pre-registered Ragnarok Origin Global within five days. It seems that adventurers are enthusiastic about this series of games under the influence of Ragnarok IP. What's more, gamers in Southeast Asia can benefit a lot from the new server version. One of the best ways to enjoy playing Ragnarok Origin Global is to use an Android emulator cloud named Redfinger Cloud Phone.  

Embark a New Journey to Enjoy Ragnarok Origin Global

Similar to previous version, the game inherits a list of features kept, such as jobs, skills, monsters and cards. It can be found that Ragnarok Origin Global develops a list of mechanisms to allow guilds to be created and accessible so as to enhance the performance of social attributes. Players are able to engage in guild battles along with friends. In addition, inviting people to the event can be beneficial for the following relationships in the game.   

Ragnarok Origin Global

To add even more intrigue and difficulty to the tedious and drawn-out quest system in Ragnarok Origin Global, new mechanics have been added, enabling players to spend less time grinding. Ragnarok Origin Global has added daily items in the gameplay in addition to the conventional class system and social system. Players are able to go hiking, fishing, and sitting on benches with friends so as to boast a relaxed attitude to enjoy and experience the journey.  

A Basic Classes Overview in Ragnarok Origin Global

There are six classes in Ragnarok Origin Global, covering Mage, Swordsman, Archer, Merchant, Acolyte, and Thief with 3 different jobs respectively. Three jobs are provided for players to enjoy in Ragnarok Origin Global, including Mage, Wizard, and High Wizard. Mages are capable of utilizing the power of elements and excel at magic attacks in the long-range distance. Wizards are specialized in fighting against and defeating enemies with the use of the AoE spells while high Wizards can deal with great damage so as to perish the enemies.  

Swordsmen are good at melee combat as well as protecting teammates from damage. With the usage of swords and lance, Knights can use Peco rides to enable them to move in a fast manner. As the final form of Knights, Lord Knights are capable of crushing enemies instantly thanks to their formidable attacks.  

Ragnarok Origin Global class guide

Archers are the ideal initiators on the battlefield combined with ranged physical attacks. As the second job, Hunters can make use of traps and companions to win on the battlefield. Similarly, Sniper can exert great damage to the enemies with just one shot. Merchants, as it is, are rich in coins with less damage power in Ragnarok Origin Global. Specializing in equipment, Blacksmiths are good helpers for developing weapons, while Mastersmith can infuse life into materials existing in the world.  

Acolyte acts as a supporter and healer in Ragnarok Origin Global, an integral part of the team. The Priest is party-play oriented and skills at healing and cleansing undead and High Priest relieves damage exerted by enemies and can protect teammates from the impending damage. Thief can employ cloak as well as dagger to deal with surprise attacks and turn the tide on the battlefield. Assassin, the second job of thief, is imbued with cunning arts, sneaky manners, etc. According to the official site, Assassin Cros is the phantom of the night. 

How to Download and Enjoy Ragnarok Origin Global with Redfinger

Redfinger Cloud Phone gives consumers access to and the ability to play mobile games on their computer as a virtual Android system. Operating on the cloud server, redfinger costs practically no data, storage, and battery power of physical devices. Users can freely run mobile games on the cloud 24*7 with this gaming virtual emulator. Using redfinger cloud phone, follow these steps to download and play Ragnarok Origin Global: 

1. Search REDFINGER in Google Play and download the app OR Click the official website and use the app via browser. 

2. Complete sign-in steps to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone. Note: Please see redfinger tutorial videos if you encounter some issues about that. 

3. Look for Ragnarok Origin Global in the search bar in REDFINGER APP Store. 

4. Download and install the game in Redfinger. 

5. Run and enjoy playing Ragnarok Origin Global with redfinger. 

Users can play Ragnarok Origin Global with higher performance on Redfinger Cloud Phone than they would on a conventional mobile device. The android cloud emulator offers a greater gaming environment to improve gameplay. 

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