Dominate Evil Hunter Tycoon with These Best Weapons and Equipment

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, players face thrilling challenges as they must construct a hunter town, train hunters, and send them on quests to hunt dangerous monsters. With progression comes tougher monsters that necessitate more powerful weapons and equipment. This article aims to discuss the most effective weapons and equipment in Evil Hunter Tycoon that will help players dominate the game.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Steel Sword

The steel sword is the first weapon that hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon will obtain. It is the go-to weapon for beginners as it is effective in taking down weaker monsters. Despite being a basic weapon, the steel sword can be upgraded to increase its damage and attack speed. This versatility allows players to continue using the steel sword even when they have progressed to higher levels in the game. Additionally, the relatively low cost of the steel sword makes it accessible to all players, regardless of their in-game budget.

When used correctly, the steel sword can be an effective weapon even in the later stages of the game. Its speed and agility make it easy to use and the upgrades can make it more powerful. However, it is worth noting that while it can be used to defeat many types of monsters, it is not effective against all of them. Players will need to consider using other weapons as they progress and encounter tougher monsters. 

Dragon Slayer

The Dragon Slayer is a legendary weapon that stands out as one of the most powerful weapons in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Unlike the steel sword, this weapon is not easily obtained as it can only be acquired by completing specific quests or events in the game. However, once obtained, the Dragon Slayer proves to be an invaluable asset for hunters, especially when it comes to defeating powerful monsters.

With its high damage and attack speed, the Dragon Slayer can take down monsters with ease. The weapon's special ability to deal additional damage to dragon-type monsters makes it a must-have weapon for players who want to specialize in dragon hunting. This weapon is particularly effective against dragons as it allows players to deal massive damage while taking down their opponents quickly. When equipped with the Dragon Slayer, hunters can take on even the toughest monsters in Evil Hunter Tycoon with confidence.


The crossbow is a ranged weapon that provides players with the option to fight from a distance, which can be advantageous in certain situations. Unlike melee weapons that require players to be in close proximity to the monsters, the crossbow allows hunters to take down their targets from a safer distance. The high critical hit rate and damage output of the crossbow make it a formidable weapon, capable of dealing massive damage to monsters.

The crossbow's versatility extends to its upgrades, which can increase its damage output and attack speed. By upgrading the crossbow, players can improve their chances of quickly taking down monsters and completing quests efficiently. Additionally, the crossbow is especially effective against flying monsters, which can be challenging to defeat with melee weapons. The weapon's range and damage output make it an ideal choice for hunters seeking to take down flying monsters with ease.


In the dangerous world of Evil Hunter Tycoon, hunters need to protect themselves from the fierce attacks of monsters. That's where the shield comes in, as an essential piece of equipment that provides additional defense to hunters, reducing the damage they take. The shield is especially useful in tough battles where hunters need extra protection to survive. The shield's defense can be upgraded, making it an invaluable asset for hunters looking to take on the toughest monsters in the game.

The shield's ability to provide extra defense means that it is particularly useful for tanking monsters. When equipped with a shield, hunters can distract monsters, allowing their allies to deal damage while they absorb the monster's attacks. This tactic is especially effective in team battles, where hunters can coordinate their attacks to take down monsters quickly.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Magic Wand

The magic wand is a weapon that harnesses the power of the elements to deal damage to monsters. It is a powerful weapon that can deal significant elemental damage to monsters that are weak against its element. The weapon's high attack speed allows players to unleash a flurry of attacks, dealing massive damage to their opponents. With the right upgrades, the magic wand becomes a formidable weapon that can take down even the toughest monsters in Evil Hunter Tycoon.

One of the most significant advantages of the magic wand is its effectiveness against monsters weak to its element. Players who specialize in elemental damage will find the magic wand to be an indispensable weapon in their arsenal. By focusing on monsters weak to their chosen element, players can quickly take down monsters and progress through the game more efficiently.

The magic wand's upgradeability is another advantage that players should consider. By upgrading the wand, players can increase its damage and attack speed, making it even more powerful. This investment can pay off in the long run, as the magic wand can remain a useful weapon throughout the game.

Dragon Armor

The dragon armor is a legendary armor that is highly sought after by hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Unlike other armor sets, the dragon armor can only be obtained by completing specific quests or events in the game. This rarity makes the dragon armor a highly prized possession among players, and those who manage to obtain it will find themselves at a significant advantage in battles.

The dragon armor's primary function is to provide additional defense and HP to hunters. Its high defense rating means that hunters wearing it are more resilient to monster attacks. This added defense can be a lifesaver in tough battles where hunters need all the protection they can get. Additionally, the added HP from the dragon armor allows hunters to absorb more damage, allowing them to stay in battles for longer periods.

Magic Robe

Hunters can benefit from the magic robe, an armor that grants them extra elemental defense. It can be improved by upgrading to enhance its elemental defense, which makes it a valuable item for players seeking to specialize in elemental damage. The magic robe is particularly effective against monsters that have elemental attacks, diminishing the damage that hunters would otherwise sustain.

In conclusion, To progress further in Evil Hunter Tycoon, having good equipment is essential. Thus, players must always be vigilant in monitoring equipment changes and promptly replacing any appropriate equipment. This is a crucial aspect of being an excellent player in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Additionally, players should also take note of the Redfinger Android emulator and browse through various gaming skills to become a true game master.

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