Beginners Guide | How to Choose the Right Farming Place in Ragnarok Origin Global

As is known, farming characters swiftly in Ragnarok Origin Global enables adventurers to have the chance to gain new skills and equipment. In Ragnarok Origin Global, diverse farming locations unfurl, each endowed with its unique set of merits and demerits. As a result, a guide on how to choose the right farming place in Ragnarok Origin Global is offered to cater to players across all proficiency tiers.

How to Choose the Right Farming Place in Ragnarok Origin Global - Redfinger Cloud Phone

Farming characters in Ragnarok Origin Global revolves around systematically dispatching hordes of monsters, thereby accumulating valuable experience points (EXP). Nevertheless, it is essential to recognize the inherent diversity among these formidable creatures. Some monsters may occupy higher tiers of strength, granting bountiful rewards. Conversely, there exist less formidable monsters whose defeat becomes a progressively less rewarding endeavor as the character's power escalates. To facilitate the journey towards character ascension in Ragnarok Origin Global, several strategic leveling locales have been identified to serve to level up characters in a fast manner. 

Navigating the challenging terrain of character progression between levels 31 to 36 presents a formidable endeavor in Ragnarok Origin Global. For this particular bracket, the Northern Geffen used to farm characters emerges as a highly recommended choice. Mandragora and Horn can be found in this place. Only by fighting against these mobs, can adventurers yield exponential leveling gains. Alternatives, such as the revered Mjolnir Dead Pit, may tempt consideration. However, Northern Geffen boasts Mandragora mobs at level 35 and Horn mobs at level 40. In this sense, Northern Geffen is a better place than Mjolnir Dead Pit to provide an optimal return on the investment in Ragnarok Origin Global.

Progressing through levels 37 to 43 presents yet another intricate challenge, as the availability of suitable mobs within this range can be notably scarce. The spectrum often spans between mobs that vastly surpass or fall well below current capabilities. Consequently, the Northern Geffen locale, previously favored, does not align optimally with this particular level range. A more advantageous choice for this bracket is the Undersea Tunnel 1F, where adventurers will encounter Thara Frog and Hydra Mobs. The majority of these mobs hover around the level 42 mark, rendering the path from level 37 to 42 a relatively smoother ascent. 

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Between levels 43 and 52, adventurers enter a phase of heightened challenge and enjoyment. For those adventuring with a party, the Orc Village emerges as an exceptional choice. Within its confines, formidable adversaries in the form of level 51 Orc Baby mobs await adventurers’ collective assault. Commencing the adventurers’ journey at level 43, the potential for substantial and synchronized progress across the adventurers’ entire party becomes an enticing prospect. Conversely, adventurers are advised to explore the perilous expanse of the Sograt Desert. This unforgiving terrain teems with high-level and competitive mobs, including level 45 Muka mobs, level 47 Megalodons, and the formidable level 50 Peco mobs. 

Within the level range spanning from 52 to 62, adventurers should come to seek out monsters that offer substantial returns on efforts. To expedite the process, revisiting the Geffen Field is recommended, with the specific aim of encountering level 60 Fora mobs. Alternatively, the Mjolnir Dead Pit stands as a renowned hub for seasoned adventurers. Here, you will confront level 62 Skel Worker mobs, renowned for their rewarding challenges and bountiful rewards. 

How to Choose the Right Farming Place in Ragnarok Origin Global - Redfinger Cloud Phone

Between levels 62 and 85, a variety of strategic levelling spots come into play, each offering unique opportunities for character growth. Adventurers venture to Mt. Mjolnir, engaging Matis mobs at level 70. Subsequently, the depths of the Undersea reveal an array of formidable mobs, including Phen, Marc, Swordfish, and Merman. Geffen Tower and Sphinx become battlegrounds, where Ghouls, Nightmares, and Pasana adversaries await. Here, adventurers can ascend to level 84 with relative ease, avoiding undue struggle.

Since then, the Undersea Tunnel 4 has offered a solution. Facing off against Pot Dofle and Deviance, both at level 92, presents the ultimate challenge required to breach level 90. As adventurers approach level 104, the final destination emerges as Glassheim, where Arclouze and Alice mobs await in Ragnarok Origin Global.

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1. Android users can search REDFINGER in Google Play and download the app.
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2. Complete sign-in steps to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone.  
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4. Download and install the game in the Redfinger device. 
5. Run and enjoy playing Ragnarok Origin Global with this Android emulator.

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