Beginner's Guide | The Best Characters to Use in Last Cloudia

Last Cloudia is recognized for its broad variety of characters, each possessing distinctive abilities. For novices, making a selection can be arduous, thus comprehending the proficiencies of the leading characters, particularly their potent ultimate skills, is crucial. This guide aims to outline all the top character abilities to facilitate your decision-making process.

Last Cloudia

Dark Princess Leena

As an attacker, inflicts massive damage upon enemies through her skills such as Dark Matter Blast, Shadow Blitz, and Shadow Spike. Additionally, her ability to stun enemies makes her a valuable asset in boss battles. Furthermore, the Queen's Throne, her ultimate skill, can deal a tremendous amount of damage to all enemies on the field, making her a game-changer.


In battles that demand physical damage, Gerald, a physical attacker, stands out. He possesses exceptional skills such as Flying Strike, Silver Wind Blade, and Falcon Dive, all of which can deal substantial damage to opponents. Falcon Dive is particularly useful as it not only inflicts damage but also weakens the defenses of the enemies.


Lilah's damage output is determined by her own HP. She is a versatile attacker and support character who not only inflicts damage but also offers buffs and healing to allies. Among her skills are Healing Bloom, Flourishing Blossom, and Radiant Sun, which have the dual effect of healing allies and harming enemies. Furthermore, Lilah's ultimate skill, Heaven's Door, is capable of resurrecting all downed allies and granting them temporary invincibility.


Lilebette, a tank character, is highly skilled in defending against physical attacks. Her repertoire of abilities includes Taunting Blade, Shield Bash, and Heroic Shield, which not only entice enemies towards her but also assist her in absorbing damage. Her ultimate move, Heaven's Hammer, inflicts massive harm on all foes. 


Zekus is an indispensable support character. He possesses a range of skills, such as Chain Lightning, Magic Bullet, and Shadow Step, that can inflict significant damage upon enemies. Furthermore, his ultimate skill, Thunderbolt, can deal damage to all enemies present and bestow a lightning buff upon allies. 


Capable of serving as both a tank and attacker. Her skillset consists of Thunder Break, Cross Slash, and Overdrive - abilities that inflict damage on foes while granting beneficial effects to allies. Thunder Blade, her ultimate move, not only deals immense damage to all enemies but also renders her momentarily invincible.


With the ability to provide support while also dealing damage to adversaries, Rei functions as a support character with additional combat capabilities. Her skill set comprises Vicious Wind, Gale Slash, and Rising Gale - techniques that can harm enemies and grant buffs to allies. Her ultimate move, Sky Dance, Can massively heal all allies, increasing the survivability of allies.


Specializing in healing and reviving allies, Meldi is a support character equipped with skills such as Healing Light, Revitalize, and Resurrection. By using these skills, she can heal her allies and bring back the fallen ones. Meldi's ultimate skill, Heaven's Blessing, not only heals all allies massively but also grants them invincibility for a brief time.


Dealing massive damage to enemies with her skills, Eliza is a powerful attacker. Among her skills are Shadow Bolt, Bloodshot, and Shadow Strike, which inflict high amounts of damage. In addition, her ultimate ability, Abyssal Tempest, can deal a lot of damage to all enemies on the field.


Defending against magical attacks is Kyle's specialty, as he is a tank character. He possesses abilities such as Flame Wall, Dragon Scale, and Fierce Blaze, which not only absorb magical damage but also bestow a fire buff on his allies. His ultimate ability is Dragon's Roar.

Last Cloudia

In summary

The above section discusses the regular and ultimate skills of top characters in Last Cloudia. However, in team combat, the collaboration between teammates plays a crucial role in achieving victory. Proper role matching and tactical coordination can make a significant difference. Although the skills in Last Cloudia are visually stunning, it can be challenging to appreciate them on a mobile phone. To overcome this, players can opt to use the Redfinger Android emulator to enjoy Last Cloudia on PC.

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