Ragnarok Origin Global New Job Classes with Related Events September 2023

As per the official site in Ragnarok Origin Global, new job classes as well as related events will be rolled out on September 20. In this sense, let's get to know the new job classes and its events in this update, thereby grasping the newest trend in Ragnarok Origin Global. 

Ragnarok Origin Global New Job Classes - Redfinger Cloud Phone

New Job Class Sage in Ragnarok Origin Global

Sages possess the capability to summon elemental bolts imbued with the powers of Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind, effectively inflicting significant harm upon individual targets. Conversely, their repertoire lacks spells designed for Area of Effect (AoE) damage in Ragnarok Origin Global. As they progress in their journey, Sages have the opportunity to advance to the rank of Professor, wherein they acquire the unique aptitude to seamlessly transition between various elemental affinities. In addition to this versatility, they also become adept at siphoning SP and dispelling buffs employed by adversaries in Ragnarok Origin Global. 

New Job Class Rogue in Ragnarok Origin Global

Rogue, a 2-2 specialization within the Thief category, will soon become an accessible option in Ragnarok Origin Global. Rogues possess a wide array of skills that enable them to leverage their swiftness as a strategic advantage in guerrilla warfare tactics. The cunning tactics leave opponents with no recourse against their clever and underhanded techniques. As they progress in their profession, Rogues have the opportunity to advance to the rank of Stalker in Ragnarok Origin Global. In doing so, they gain the unique ability to inflict psychological torment upon their adversaries. The manner in which they dispatch their targets is marked by a cruel yet highly efficient approach.

Ragnarok Origin Global New Job Classes with Related Events September 2023

Benefits of New Job Classes

From September 20th at 5:00 to October 20th at 4:59, adventurers in Ragnarok Origin Global with a minimum level of 25 will have access to a range of Sage and Rogue benefits, including double experience rewards from daily commissions, exclusive incentives upon achieving specific milestones within these subclasses, as well as additional experience points and bonus rewards for transitioning into the Sage or Rogue roles. Furthermore, adventurers assisting Sage and Rogue members during this period will be awarded extra Proofs of Union. It should be noted that these Sage and Rogue benefits will exclusively manifest on servers where the Server Level has attained a minimum threshold of Level 70 in Ragnarok Origin Global.

New Events Adventurers Should Participate in

Introducing the Fashion Gacha event in Ragnarok Origin Global, where adventurers can use the Gacha Tickets to unveil brand-new outfits. This collection of fashionable attire includes the Fancy Knight Costume, Chessboard Sticker Facewear, Knightly Emblem Backwear, and the regal Fancy Crown Headwear. Each draw during this event will reward adventurers with 1 point, which can subsequently be redeemed for these exquisite outfits. Additionally, the Fashion Gacha is exclusively available on servers that have been operational for a duration ranging from 169 to 183 days, and it resets every 14 days in alignment with the server's opening date. 

Ragnarok Origin Global Related Events - Redfinger Cloud Phone

At the same time, the Nyan Berry Shop will upgrade, featuring an array of new outfits, including the stylish Deviling Hat and Mech Toy Helmet Headwear, as well as an assortment of fresh and trendy hairdos. What's more, the Monthly Pass for Halloween Party, the 6th ROO Pass is just around the corner! This special pass offers valuable items such as 50 Halloween Coins and 5 Super Pet Coupons, along with exclusive pass privileges.

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