How to Obtain and Level Up Your Pets in MapleStory M

Obtaining and leveling up pets in MapleStory M is an exciting feature that offers players various benefits such as increased stats and buffs, making them a valuable asset. This guide will provide you with helpful tips on how to obtain and level up your pets in MapleStory M.

Maplestory M

Obtaining Pets

Before we dive into the details of leveling up your pets, let's first discuss how to obtain them. There are various ways to obtain pets in MapleStory M, including:

Cash Shop: The most straightforward way to obtain pets is by purchasing them from the Cash Shop using real money. While this option may be the most convenient, it can also be quite costly.

Events: MapleStory M regularly hosts events that reward players with various items, including pets. Keep an eye out for events that offer pets as a reward and participate to increase your chances of obtaining one.

Monster Drops: Some monsters in the game have a chance to drop pet eggs. While the drop rate is low, farming these monsters can be a fun and rewarding way to obtain pets.

Leveling Up Your Pets

Once you have obtained a pet, it's time to level them up. Leveling up your pets can be beneficial as it increases their stats, allows them to learn new skills, and unlocks various buffs that can help you in battle. Here's how to level up your pets in MapleStory M:

Feed Your Pet: Just like in real life, pets in MapleStory M need to be fed to grow. To feed your pet, go to your inventory and select the pet food. Once you have the pet food, click on your pet, and select "feed." Feeding your pet will increase their intimacy level, which is essential for leveling up.

Train Your Pet: Training your pet is another way to increase their intimacy level. To train your pet, go to the "Pet" tab in your menu and select "Training." There are three types of training: Exercise, Play, and Study. Each training type has its benefits, so be sure to switch it up to keep your pet happy and engaged.

Level Up Your Pet: As your pet's intimacy level increases, so does their level. Once your pet reaches a certain level, they will unlock new skills and buffs. Be sure to check your pet's skill and buff list regularly to take advantage of their new abilities.

Equip Pet Gear: Pet gear is equipment that you can equip on your pets to increase their stats and make them more powerful. To equip pet gear, go to your inventory, select the pet gear, and click on your pet. Pet gear can be obtained from the Cash Shop, events, and monster drops.

Maplestory M

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you level up your pets more efficiently:

Use Auto-Battle: Auto-Battle is a feature that allows your character to automatically battle monsters. When using Auto-Battle, your pet will also gain experience, making it an efficient way to level up your pet while focusing on other tasks.

Feed Your Pet Regularly: Be sure to feed your pet regularly to keep their intimacy level high. A high intimacy level means faster leveling and increased benefits for you.

Participate in Events: Events are an excellent way to obtain pets and other valuable items that can help you level up your pets. Be sure to participate in as many events as possible to increase your chances of obtaining pets.

Switch Up Your Training: Switching up your pet's training is essential for keeping them engaged and happy. Experiment with different types of training to find what works best for your pet. It's also essential to pay attention to your pet's mood as they may become bored or unhappy if you keep doing the same type of training.

Use Pet Skills and Buffs: Be sure to check your pet's skill and buff list regularly. Using these abilities can give you a significant advantage in battle and make leveling up your pet much easier.

Equip Your Pet with Gear: Equipping your pet with gear is a great way to increase their stats and make them more powerful. Be sure to obtain pet gear whenever possible and equip it to your pet to maximize their potential.


Obtaining and leveling up pets in MapleStory M is a fun and rewarding experience that requires patience and dedication. Pets are a valuable asset in the game and can provide significant benefits to the player. For those looking to learn how to obtain rare pets, Redfinger Android emulator provides various guides on MapleStory M.