10 Tips for Using Auto-farming Bots in Ragnarok Origin Global

With its awesome Auto system and tons of features in Ragnarok Origin Global, botting has never been easier! But you'll need some insider knowledge and a few tricks to make the most of it. Since you can only bot farm levels for 150 minutes per day (on a daily basis), let's dive into the best tips to make every minute count!

1. Aim to battle monsters higher than your level, but no more than ten levels apart

When choosing a farm area to release leveling bots, check out your and the target monster's levels. Ragnarok Origin Global has a "Benefit" system, which will adjust your EXP and Drop Rate based on the difference between your level and the monsters. Monsters no more than ten levels higher than you grant a bonus of up to 110% EXP and Drop Rate. If the farm isn't working, avoid monsters more than five levels lower than you, or your EXP and Drop Rate will dip below 100%.

2. Look for spots with monster groups of three

After picking a monster to farm, search for spots where they gather in groups of three. Farming these clusters speeds up your progress, especially if you play a class with single-target skills. It also helps limit your farming area, so you will stay within other monsters' territory and avoid getting attacked.

3. Set your bot to stay put

For single-target players who need group skills, chasing down monsters one by one can be risky. Your character might wander off and get attacked by other monsters in Ragnarok Origin Global. Luckily, you can set the bot to stay put. In the "Auto Attack" section, there are two Auto Mode options: Auto-Battle, where your character moves and attacks within a defined area, or Partial Auto, which makes your character stand still and attack only nearby monsters.

4. Hotkey skills aren't the same as bot skills

You might be confused like the author was, but the skills you see on your Skill page in the active hotkey differ from those used by bots. To set up skills for Auto Attack, head to Auto Attack > Settings and select the skills from there.

5. Adjust potion use percentage based on item strength

When using bots, consider the potion settings for when your HP drops. Select the Automatic Recovery Device, open your bag, and set the HP and SP potion use percentage. Remember, there's a 3-second cooldown after using a potion in Ragnarok Origin Global. If your brew isn't potent enough, setting a low rate might cause your character to die before the cooldown. Adjust the value based on the strength of your potion so you can save resources and avoid failing.

6. Healing pets help you survive longer

Suppose you're a high-damage player and want to increase your survival chances while bot farming; switch to a healing pet. High-damage skills let you clear monsters fast but also come with longer cooldown durations. If you can't use potions quickly, a healing pet can help you last longer in Ragnarok Origin Global.

7. Use buff food and Battle Candy before farming

As mentioned earlier, you only have 150 minutes daily for bot farming in Ragnarok Origin Global, so make every minute count! Eat food to maximise power buffs and use Battle Candy to boost EXP and item drop rates while farming. Get the most out of your daily farming time!

8. Fight with elemental monsters where you have an advantage

This tip requires some knowledge about Ragnarok Origin Global, but if you've played the original RO, you should be familiar with monster elements, types, and sizes. These factors influence your character's class, weapons, and skills. For example, assassins with knives excel against more miniature monsters, while spear-wielding knights deal more damage to more giant monsters. Mages should target monsters weak in their basic attack skills. Exploiting these advantages helps you farm more efficiently.

9. Buy Elemental Converter to boost your damage

As previously mentioned, engaging with weaker monster elements can give you an advantage in Ragnarok Origin Global. To make farming easier, buy Elemental Converter from the Luxury Merchant NPC located in any city. The NPC has a magic wand or green-wing icon on the map. This NPC sells fire, water, earth, and wind Elemental Converter for 400,000 Eden Coins. This currency is relatively easy to obtain in the game.

10. Don't forget to activate Monster Annihilation while bot farming

In addition to the 150-minute EXP farm, make sure to farm items daily using Monster Annihilation. Reaching 100 activity points grants you 30 minutes of Monster Annihilation time with an x6 drop rate. You can also use Lucky Candy to boost item drops in Ragnarok Origin Global. Choose your farm area based on your needs, whether it's crafting materials or valuable cards to sell in the marketplace.

These tips should help you enjoy Ragnarok Origin Global and level up quickly. Since Ragnarok Origin Global is a mobile game with an Auto system, it offers a more relaxed experience compared to other mobile games. With these tips, you'll be on your way to leveling up fast and scoring some rare loot!

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