[NOTICE] Redfinger Cloud Phone Maintenance Notice

Dear users,

To better enhance the performance of our server and internet, Redfinger has planned to enable Taiwan Server to move to NEW Chunghwa Telcom Server in batches this month, 2022. 

The second batch of moving to the new server is scheduled to maintenance from 09:00 to 21:00 on December 21, 2022, Wednesday, UTC+8 Hours. If receiving the notice reminder, it indicates that your account with one or more cloud phones is covered in the second batch. Please remember to obtain 12-Hour compensation to use cloud phone. 

It should be noted that this move involves the transportation of physical hardware, which may cause damage to data loss. If your game account has not been bound to Google or Facebook, it is recommended to synchronize and bind the corresponding account.

If you hope that this move will not affect your in-game experience with auto farming, please feel free to contact our customer support via FB Messenger to help replace the device. However, even if the replacement is done this time, all cloud phones will eventually be moved to the new server within this month. 

Redfinger Cloud Phone Maintenance Notice