[July 15] Up to 35% OFF for Summer Sale

Prepare to dive into a week-long extravaganza of unbeatable discounts and amazing deals that will leave you wanting more. We have something for everyone at prices that will make you smile using Redfinger services.

Don't miss out on our Summer Sale Event, the perfect opportunity to purchase the plans you've always wanted at prices you won't believe. Remember, this event lasts for only 7 days, so make sure to log in your Redfinger account during this limited time. 

30-Day Plan:

V8 | 4G | $8.9             K10 | 4G | $10.9          S10 | 6G | $12.9            X10 | 8G | $22.95

90-Day Plan:

V8 | 4G | $18.95         K10 | 4G | $20.95         S10 | 6G | $27.95         X10 | 8G | $47.95

Event Date: 07.15-07.21

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[July 15] Up to 35% OFF for Summer Sale