Pretty Derby: A Guide to Core Gameplay and Skill System

Pretty Derby is a popular mobile game with a unique gameplay style centered on raising and training horse girls. The game involves a range of activities, including training, competitions, and various events to enhance the horse girl's attributes and skills.

Pretty Derby

Core Gameplay

The core gameplay of Pretty Derby involves raising and training horse girls to improve their attributes and skills. Players can achieve this through various activities such as training, random events, competitions, and using different skills.

Card Pool

The game's card pool is divided into two types: P-cards (Pretty cards, which refer to horse girl cards) and S-cards (support cards). P-cards range from one to three stars, and players can obtain them by drawing from the card pool. However, it is not advisable to draw horse girl cards if the player wants to obtain initial companions. S-cards, on the other hand, are divided into R, SR, and SSR and have unique skills to support horse girl training.

FES Cards

FES cards are also an important aspect of Pretty Derby. These cards are used specifically for racing and can be obtained by raising P-cards. Horse girls can only participate in competitions after they have evolved into FES cards. P-cards can be raised to improve their attributes and skills to achieve this goal. P-cards can be upgraded and awakened to reach this goal, and after the raising process, they will become a "fetus" that has not yet hatched.

Raising Strategy

In Pretty Derby, players must focus on raising horse girl attributes and acquiring skills to succeed. Raising horse girls involves consuming 30TP (stamina) and focusing on training, action, and attributes. The five attributes of horse girls are speed, endurance, strength, tenacity, and intelligence.

To raise horse girls, players need to select six P-cards and six S-cards. The bottom right corner of the raising interface is a friend card, and players can select one of their friends' cards or a randomly matched card as a support card. Combining P-cards and S-cards will help players acquire initial character cards, and S-cards can also enhance the chances of successful raising.

It is important to note the fatigue value during the raising process and adjust the training and rest periods accordingly. The initial upper limit is 100, and raising is divided into several stages: debut, beginner, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, star, topstar, and legend (true end).


Winning competitions is an essential aspect of Pretty Derby, as it helps to enhance horse girl attributes and can trigger a corresponding victory live. The game offers three levels of competition: junior, classic, and senior.

Skill System

The skill system of Pretty Derby is a vital component of gameplay. The skills of horse girls are divided into five categories: speed, endurance, strength, tenacity, and intelligence. There are also damage skills such as speed, mentality, intelligence, endurance, and vision, as well as endurance recovery, speed, acceleration, track switching, and vision skills.

Skill Selection Suggestions

Green skills are passive skills that activate naturally if the corresponding conditions are met. Left turn, right turn, and strong on good turf are recommended choices. The seasonal skills have a low triggering rate, so it is not recommended to choose them.

Blue skills are endurance recovery skills. The bay's curve recovery skill is the best gold endurance recovery skill and must be chosen. The uphill and downhill recovery skills are also recommended.

Red skills are disruptive skills that affect other Pretty Derby players. However, they do not affect teammates in competitions. The gold skills of red skills are cost-effective and should be chosen. Fatigue skills for escape horses and lead horses are also good choices, and all gold skills are recommended.

The five attributes of horse girls are speed, endurance, strength, tenacity, and intelligence. Speed is the core attribute and essential for short-distance races. Endurance affects a horse girl's stamina, making it critical for the final sprint in long-distance races. Strength determines a horse girl's acceleration and ability to break away from the pack. Tenacity affects the horse girl's sprint time, especially when energy is low, making it important for long-distance races. Intelligence affects the horse girl's skill activation rate and reduces the chances of interference from other horse girls.

Pretty Derby

S-cards Support System Analysis

S-cards are support cards that enhance horse girl training and come in R, SR, and SSR rarities. There are six types of S-cards: speed support, endurance support, strength support, tenacity support, intelligence support, and friend support.

All five types of S-cards can trigger friendship training during raising, which increases the speed training bonus. Friend support triggers a shared outdoor activity that increases outdoor options during raising.

S-cards can also be leveled up using gold coins and support points, which can be obtained from raising and completing missions. Higher levels provide inherent effects that can be viewed in the card's attributes.

The maximum level of S-cards can be unlocked, and players can feed their horse girls to increase the level cap. The following is a table of level caps for each rarity:

SSR level cap is 30/35/40/45/50 – unlocked at level 30;

SR level cap is 25/30/35/40/45 – unlocked at level 25;

R level cap is 20/25/30/35/40 – no inherent skills.


In Pretty Derby, players can enjoy various gameplay mechanics that revolve around raising and training horse girls. It's important to note that obtaining the best horse girl requires patience and a focus on improvement. However, focusing solely on improving one horse girl can limit the overall enjoyment of the game. To overcome this, players can download the Redfinger Android emulator and run multiple accounts simultaneously, allowing them to focus on improving different horse girls under different accounts and enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Pretty Derby