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  • Latest Season Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation You Should Know 2023

    Recently, Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has introduced the highly anticipated Season Event. The prevailing theme of this season revolves around Flame, encompassing engaging in a Season Instance, encountering scorching weather conditions, and triumphing over formidable mutant creatures and bosses...

  • Redfinger | Exploring the Captivating World of Idle Moon Rabbit

    Idle Moon Rabbit presents an enthralling idle role-playing game (RPG) where players embark on an unforgettable journey as they assume the role of Lyn, a moon rabbit determined to reclaim the Moonlight and conquer the encroaching darkness.

  • Redfinger | Hunters and Buildings in Evil Hunter Tycoon

    When playing Evil Hunter Tycoon, it is essential to first understand the basic information introduction of the hunter and master the construction of buildings in Rehe. This is a prerequisite for having a good experience in this game. It is also the main focus of our guide.

  • Redfinger | Beginner's Guide of Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Cookie Run: Kingdom has gained immense popularity as a role-playing game, drawing in numerous players. Within this vast player base, there are numerous beginners who may find themselves unfamiliar with the gameplay and facing challenges. Lately, there has been a surge of beginners seeking guidance o

  • Redfinger | Honkai Impact 3 Crimson Narukami Guide

    In Honkai Impact 3, engaging in the Crimson Narukami challenge rewards a +20% score bonus. Even if the attempt proves unsuccessful, players can still receive a score based on their performance.

  • Redfinger | Fastest Method to Upgrade in Honkai Impact 3

    To become powerful in Honkai Impact 3, you need to acquire a large amount of experience points to level up your characters. For many beginners, this is challenging because they don't know how to quickly obtain experience and end up wasting a lot of unnecessary time.