Mastering Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils: A Guide to Improving Combat Power

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a well-known online game from China that has also been released in Taiwan. As with other games in the same genre, players need to devote time and effort to level up and gain strength. It's worth noting that if players have limited game time but want to upgrade quickly, they can use the Redfinger Android emulator to meet their goals. In this article, we will mainly focus on the strategies for Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Priority of Attribute Improvement

The first step to improving your combat power is to prioritize the right attributes. The game has various attributes, including attack, defense, HP, evasion, critical defense, and attribute resistance. 

When it comes to improving attack attributes, players should prioritize attribute attacks over accuracy/critical attacks. Attribute attacks have a higher priority as they directly increase the damage dealt to enemies. In contrast, accuracy/critical attacks only increase the chance of landing a hit or a critical hit. 

When improving defense attributes, players should prioritize HP over evasion/critical defense, attribute resistance, and attribute reduction resistance. HP determines a player's survivability and should be the priority when it comes to defense attributes. Evasion and critical defense are also essential but should not be prioritized over HP. Attribute resistance and attribute reduction resistance are important in PK battles and should be improved selectively.


Gems are a crucial component in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils as they can increase a player's combat power significantly. It is essential to choose the right gems for your class to improve your combat power. 

Players should equip level 1 gems on all parts of their body in the early stages of the game to lay a good foundation for future upgrades. When choosing gems, players should select attack gems that match their class's main attribute. For example, for Xiaoyao, it is recommended to use flame and venom attack gems, while for Emei, it is recommended to use ice and mysterious yin attack gems. 

Players should also focus on upgrading their gems to level 3 and prioritize upgrading attribute attack gems to get the most efficient increase in combat power. Additionally, players can purchase gem conversion items in the store to convert gems above level 4, allowing them to adapt to various complex situations.


Expertise is another crucial attribute that players need to upgrade to improve their combat power. Improving Lingxi expertise attributes can provide a percentage increase in maximum HP, which is crucial in battles. 

Players should prioritize attribute attacks over accuracy/critical attacks when improving their expertise attributes. For Xiaoyao, Wudang, and Tianshan, it is recommended to prioritize attribute attack, accuracy/critical attack, maximum HP, and evasion/critical defense. For the Beggar's Sect, Wuchen, and Emei, it is recommended to prioritize attribute attack, maximum HP, evasion/critical defense, and accuracy/critical attack. 

To improve Lingxi expertise, players should upgrade the 12 attributes that have already been upgraded to level 1 and prioritize upgrading the number of attributes required for Lingxi expertise. Players should level up with critical strikes and full mastery to gain extra combat power. 


Engraving is another crucial component that players need to upgrade to improve their combat power. Engraving upgrades can provide additional bonuses to basic equipment attributes. 

Players should prioritize equipment that matches their class's role when upgrading their engraving level. For Xiaoyao, Wudang, and Tianshan, it is recommended to choose attack equipment that increases both internal and external damage. For the Beggar's Sect, Wuchen, and Emei, it is recommended to choose defensive equipment that increases maximum HP. 

Players should collect engraving upgrade materials regularly, as the success rate decreases as the engraving level increases. Players should aim to upgrade eight pieces of equipment to +2 to obtain the attribute attack bonus from Lingxi Engraving level 2. 

Players should prioritize upgrading Lingxi Engraving level as it provides a significant increase in combat power. Players should continue to upgrade equipment that has already been upgraded and level up the engraving level of other equipment if they have spare capacity.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils


To summarize, players should aim for full body level 3 gems, 12 expertise attributes at level 2, and 8 equipment engraving levels at level 5 to improve their combat power. In addition, improving combat power in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils requires patience, dedication, and strategic planning. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, players can improve their combat power and become top-ranked players in the game.