Latest Season Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation You Should Know 2023

Recently, Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has introduced the highly anticipated Season Event. The prevailing theme of this season revolves around Flame, encompassing engaging in a Season Instance, encountering scorching weather conditions, and triumphing over formidable mutant creatures and bosses.

However, it is imperative to note that this event demands a substantial investment of your time. Acquiring desirable cosmetic rewards necessitates achieving specific milestones within the Season Pass, in addition to accumulating a significant number of Fragments. Furthermore, collecting event-specific items can prove to be challenging and time-consuming.

Latest Season Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation You Should Know 2023

A Brief Introduction to the New Season Pass in ROX

The newly introduced Season Pass can be located within the designated Kingdom Pass section of the game interface. It should be noted that the Season Pass in Ragnarok X Next Generation is connected to the ongoing Season event, but its features and benefits are exclusively applicable to the Kingdom Pass system.

Upon acquisition of the Season Pass, available for purchase at a price of PHP 2,250, your Kingdom Pass will undergo automatic activation of the "Glory Pass" feature, which remains active for a consecutive duration of four months. By performing a simple calculation, the monthly cost equates to approximately PHP 562.50, considering that the Glory Pass itself is valued at 4,888 Diamonds (PHP 559).

An Overview of Season Instance and Blazing Rune in ROX

In order to actively participate in the Season Instance in Ragnarok X Next Generation, it is imperative to possess a Blazing Rune. Please note that the available instances for this season are exclusively limited to the Pyramid or Demon Castle. Moreover, it is essential to emphasize that only party members equipped with a Blazing Rune have the privilege of claiming the drop rewards, which notably include the highly sought-after 3rd fragment of the Frenzy Firestone.

To attain a Frenzy Firestone in Ragnarok X Next Generation, a sequential synthesis process must be undertaken: Conversion of 50 Fire Boulder Fragments results in the formation of 1 Fire Boulder Crystal. Subsequently, combining 20 Fire Boulder Crystals culminates in the creation of 1 Frenzy Firestone. Consequently, a cumulative total of 1,000 Fire Boulder Fragments is required to obtain a solitary Frenzy Firestone.

Latest Season Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation You Should Know 2023

It is crucial to acknowledge that a solitary Season Instance will yield a range of 240 to 300 Fragments, with the exact count contingent upon your overall score, which is determined by factors such as Deaths or Damage inflicted. To attain the highest achievable score of SSS, a minimum infliction of 3,280 Trillion damage, coupled with at least one death, is necessary. Accomplishing this feat will merit a reward of 300 Fragments.

Season Quest

The Season Quest presents a comprehensive lineup of 100 levels, each encompassing its own array of rewards. Within this assortment of exclusive benefits lie coveted items such as the Fanatical Flame Profile frame, Starshard Shroud, and the option to acquire the Flame Warp and Tail from the Season Store NPC. In order to obtain all the rewards available for the season, it is imperative to advance through all 100 levels. Each level necessitates 500 Season Points, thus a cumulative total of 50,000 Season Points is required to fully capitalize on the season's advantages.

The completion of daily game tasks grants the opportunity to fulfill three quests, while an additional two quests can be fulfilled by vanquishing Mutant monsters in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

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