How to Farm Fast to Gain More Cegels in Seal Mobile SEA 2023

How to Farm Fast to Gain More Cegels in Seal Mobile SEA 2023Playwith Inc. officially launched Seal M on May 11, 2023, captivating gamers in Southeast Asia. The game quickly soared to the top list on Google Play and the App Store since its inception. Seal M offers a nostalgic experience for former Seal Online players, featuring familiar gameplay with new MMORPG elements. For those venturing into Seal M, Redfinger Cloud Phone has offered a comprehensive farming guide to help players amass Cegels, the in-game currency, and boost their character's strength.

1. Farming Location from Level 1 To 20

When embarking on your journey in Shiltz, it is essential to prioritize the pursuit of the main quest during the initial stages, encompassing levels 1 to 10. Throughout this period, you will partake in informative tutorials, which serve as a comprehensive introduction to the diverse features and mechanics inherent to Seal M. These tutorials cover various essential aspects, ranging from fundamental combat techniques, skill activation methods, efficient potion usage, to mastering interactions with non-playable characters (NPCs).

How to Farm Fast to Gain More Cegels in Seal Mobile SEA 2023 - Redfinger Cloud Phone

Upon reaching the milestone of level 10, a pivotal moment awaits you as you are presented with the option to change jobs. The game offers a selection of distinctive roles, including Knight, Mage, Priest, Jester, or Warrior, each characterized by unique skill sets and abilities. 

Subsequently, as you progress from levels 10 to 20, a substantial portion of your adventures will continue to revolve around diligently pursuing the main quest. This questline will be complemented by engaging sub-quests and missions bestowed through the Request Board, which in turn, bestow ample rewards in the form of items and Cegels.

To further enrich your inventory and financial standing, you shall find considerable opportunity in vanquishing an assortment of formidable monsters. Specifically, the Travia Valley area, accommodating monsters below level 14, and the Upstream of Glasis River, teeming with creatures above level 14, present fertile hunting grounds. 

2. Farming Location from Level 21 to 30

As you progress in Seal M and reach level 21, the leveling process will become more challenging. While the most efficient method of farming remains centered around the main quest, sub-quests, and the Request Board, a new expedited farming approach presents itself through completing Dungeons.

Dungeons come in three distinct types: Growth Dungeon, Daily Dungeon, and Party Dungeon. As of now, you can access the Growth Dungeon, with Daily Dungeon and Party Dungeon unlocking once you achieve level 30.

How to Farm Fast to Gain More Cegels in Seal Mobile SEA 2023 - Redfinger Cloud Phone

Within the Growth Dungeon, you can swiftly accumulate Cegels and equipment, akin to lightning speed. It comprises two categories: the Equipment Dungeon, tailored for equipment farming, and the Cegel Dungeon, which facilitates quick money farming. It is noteworthy, however, that you are limited to entering each dungeon three times daily.

For additional farming opportunities, consider exploring the Upstream of Glasis River area, boasting an array of diverse monsters ranging from level 14 to 23. As your character advances beyond level 24, it is advisable to transition to the Adel Monastery area. Here, you will encounter monsters approximately at level 30.

3. Farming Locations from Level 31 and Above

Upon reaching level 31 and beyond, it is prudent to utilize your accumulated wealth wisely, focusing on enhancing your equipment and skills while reserving some resources for future upgrades. Continuing your farming activities in the Adel Monastery area remains viable, with numerous formidable enemies to challenge as you engage in quests from the Request Board.

How to Farm Fast to Gain More Cegels in Seal Mobile SEA 2023 - Redfinger Cloud Phone

An essential addition to your farming routine should involve diligently completing the Daily Dungeon, which becomes accessible after attaining level 30. This dungeon offers valuable materials for crafting new equipment.

In Conclusion

The Seal M farming guide provides the means to swiftly accumulate wealth, generally speaking. Stay updated with Redfinger Cloud Phone for more insightful articles pertaining to anime and games. If you want to know more guide about Seal Mobile, the blog part in our official website hopes find you well. 

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