Beginners Guide | How to Download and Play Blade & Soul 2 on PC & Mac

As per the official website, gamers have the chance to pre-register for the sequel to Blade & Soul, Blade and Soul 2, on August 16. And the new MMORPG will be rolled out on August 23. At that time, players are able to enjoy unique adventures in Blade and Soul 2. It is said that the acclaimed wuxia MMORPG upholds the legacy of the series by delivering dynamic martial arts engagements characterized by a diverse array of distinctive styles, resulting in a fast-paced, real-time combat system. 

How to Download and Play Blade & Soul 2 on PC & Mac - Redfinger Cloud PhoneBy amalgamating the strengths of its predecessor with novel attributes, expanded regions, fresh characters, and a pioneering AI ecosystem, Blade and Soul 2 engenders an immersive MMORPG encounter that draws inspiration from the cultural motifs of the Far East. For those who want to download and play Blade & Soul 2 on PC or Mac with not-so-high-end devices, the Android emulator is a perfect fit. 

Blade & Soul 2 combines captivating role-playing and storyline elements, coupled with robust combat mechanics and freedom, delivering a gaming experience that transcends the ordinary realm of mobile games. Moreover, apart from playing on mobile devices, players also have the option to utilize NCSOFT's cross-platform gaming service, PURPLE, to enjoy the game seamlessly on PC:

Android:Android 9.0+4G RAM+7G Storage+
Apple(iOS):iOS 12.0+; 3G RAM+7G Storage+
PURPLE(Windows) :intel i5+8GRAM32G Storage+

Redfinger Cloud Phone, renowned as a premier Android emulator for PC, assumes the role of a virtual Android device seamlessly integrated within your computer environment. This emulation empowers users with an unparalleled gaming experience. Furthermore, the innovative multi-drive functionality of Redfinger Cloud Phone affords the luxury of managing multiple game accounts on a single PC simultaneously.

Distinguished by its advanced emulator architecture, Redfinger Cloud Phone ensures the optimal execution of popular mobile games. This commitment to smooth performance extends to low-end PCs, granting them the capability to accommodate these games seamlessly. 

Redfinger Cloud PhoneElevate your engagement by downloading and indulging in the immersive world of Blade & Soul 2 on your PC, leveraging the prowess of Redfinger Cloud Phone to enhance your gaming endeavors: 

1.  Android users can search REDFINGER in Google Play and download the app.
Redfinger iOS users are able to access redfinger cloud phone via the browser in the official website. Meanwhile, users can download our latest app through website. (If you would like to learn the step-by-step process, please click here for detailed instructions.) 
2. Complete sign-in steps to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone.  
3. Look for Blade & Soul 2 in the search bar in REDFINGER APP Store. 
4. Download and install the game in Redfinger. 
5. Run and enjoy playing Blade & Soul 2 on PC & Mac with the Android emulator.

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