Do use Redfinger cloud phone consume local data?

Redfinger Cloud mobile phone is another mobile phone in the cloud. Remote control service type can provide you with intelligent hosting services for applications or games. The hosting process does not consume your local data and power.

Can I purchase multiple “cloud phones" in one account?

Currently, one account can purchase multiple "cloud phones". Users who need multiple cloud phones do not need to repeatedly sign up Redfinger accounts.

Is Redfinger safe to run games online?

The Redfinger "cloud phone" is an independent and pure "cloud phone" that you enjoy exclusively. After the "cloud phone" expires, the system will automatically restore the factory settings and clear all the information in the "cloud phone" without causing personal information disclosure.

Why can't I download some games and apps?

At present, we can know that the game can not run smoothly: Laplace m, MapleStory, Mabinogi, AxE: Alliance vs Empire, Guardian: the light of destiny, Overhit, Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story, if you encounter games or applications other than these can't run, please contact our official customer service, we will check it for you.

If my Redfinger cloud mobile phone has not expired, how to calculate the usage time after renewing the fee?

If your cloud phone has not expired, renew the fee on the device, and the remaining time will be the remaining time before the renewal fee plus the renewal package time you purchased. For example, if you still have 3 days left on the cloud phone you have bound, and you renew the one-month card package on this device, that is, the remaining usage time is 3 days + 30 days = 33 days.

How to set up Redfinger cloud phone language?

Redfinger cloud phone will set the same language by default according to the language set by your own phone. Of course, you can also set the language you want in the cloud phone.

How to set Gboard input language?

The Gboard language will be based on the default input language of the language in the cloud phone. You can also change the language by switching the language in the cloud phone or Gboard Settings.


How can I find the "cloud phone" I just purchased after the payment?

After the purchase, the page will be automatically turned back to  the cloud phone list (the cloud phone list can be swiped left and right). If the new "cloud phone" is not displayed, please click the "Refresh" button in the upper right corner to try to refresh the page, or exit the Redfinger and re-enter it.

What is authorization? How to authorize?

1. Authorization means that when a cloud mobile phone is owned, the right to use the cloud mobile phone can be granted to others, similar to device sharing, but the authorizer and the authorized person cannot enter the control at the same time.
2. There are two ways to authorize. The first one is to generate an authorization code. The authorized person clicks on the avatar, then clicks “Use Authorization Code”, and paste or manually input; the other is to enter the specified authorized person account authorization.


What if the game gets stuck or goes black?

1. After entering the app, pull down the "cloud phone" screen and enter the “Cloud Phone” management interface. 2. Click the button to “Restart” the cloud phone, and wait a minute before entering the cloud phone. 3 If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact the customer service to help.

What should I do if prompted to "check network failure" when logging in to Redfinger account?

Click the upper right corner of Redfinger account interface to check the network function. First, check if your network can connect to the server. If not, your current network may be unstable; If the connection is successful but you cannot log in, please contact Redfinger customer service to check it.


What should I do if iOS certificate is invalid?

If you are an iOS user and encountered this issue, please uninstall the Redfinger app and then re-install from our website https://www.cloudemulator.net/setup/#ios .After installation, go to Settings>General>Device Management>Trust the new certificate.