Redfinger,Make your Zenless Zone Zero adventure feel great!

✨ This is a dangerous world invaded by the mysterious disaster "hole", all kinds of strange people with different reasons and beliefs gathered here, in order to challenge the hole for their own goals.🔍

🌟【The alien shuttle, the fantasy of the new Ali do daily】🌟 
Imagine the supernatural element of the city of the future, which is the "new Ali capital" in Zenless Zone Zero!🏙 "Empty disaster" these four words sound adrenaline pumping, it brings a unique challenge, is simply an adventure park tailored for you!🏰 Every step can be a new discovery, and every exploration is a heart-racing journey. Are you ready?🏃‍♂️

🦸‍♀️【Power player alliance, there is always one is your dish!】🦸‍♂️
    Attention, all the character lovers!"Zenless Zone Zero" role lineup, each is the appearance level and strength coexist existence! From the iceberg beauty warrior to the glasses hacker little genius, from the warm healing little sister to the full heavy gunner, each character has its own small universe waiting for you to dig!💫 Choose the one that you love the most, grow up together, and save the world together!🤝
🎮【Strategy + action, double happy get】🎮 
Fighting is not just brainless cutting, Zenless Zone Zero teaches you strategy can be burned!🧠 Before entering the battlefield, arrange troops, consider every step; on the battlefield, instantly change into an action blockbuster protagonist, skills to fly!💥 Use the brain at the same time to enjoy the operation of the pleasure, this wave of operation, I give full marks!💯

Don't wait for the babies, it's time to join the Zenless Zone Zero adventure, let your circle of friends envy it!🌈 Come and share your unique adventure diary to see who is the real game master!🏆
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