Which Healer Is the Best in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Maintaining the health of your team is one of the most crucial aspects of playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, and healers play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. If you're a newcomer or having difficulty selecting the ideal healer for your team, you've landed on the right page. This guide will discuss the various healers present in Cookie Run: Kingdom and assist you in picking the most suitable one for your team.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Before we delve into the details of each healer, let's first understand the role of healers in the game. Healers are the support characters that are responsible for healing your team members' HP (Hit Points) during battles. They play a crucial role in keeping your team alive and help you sustain longer in battles. There are currently three healers available in Cookie Run: Kingdom: Pancake Cookie, Milk Cookie, and Cherry Cookie.

Pancake Cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom players are always on the lookout for powerful healers to add to their team, and Pancake Cookie is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices. Her unique healing ability, known as "Pancake Power," is a game-changer in battles, instantly restoring a substantial amount of HP to all allies on the battlefield.

Pancake Cookie's incredible healing ability makes her a vital asset to have on your team in critical situations where your allies' health is rapidly declining. In these dire circumstances, a single activation of Pancake Power can provide the immediate boost necessary to turn the tide of the battle and emerge victorious.

What sets Pancake Cookie apart from other healers is her ability to deal significant damage in addition to her healing prowess. Her powerful "Pancake Hammer" attack can cause massive destruction to enemies, making her a reliable offensive character. Furthermore, her "Whisk Whip" ability is equally impressive as it stuns enemies momentarily, giving your team an advantage to deal additional damage. The combination of healing and offense makes Pancake Cookie a top pick for players who desire a healer that can also pack a punch.

Milk Cookie

Milk Cookie is a fan favorite among healers in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and for good reason. Her unique healing ability, "Healing Milk," may not be as potent as Pancake Cookie's "Pancake Power," but it's still incredibly useful in keeping your team members' HP topped up during battles. What sets her apart from other healers is her ability to heal over time, which means her healing effect is prolonged and can provide consistent support to your team.

In addition to her healing ability, Milk Cookie is also an exceptional defensive character. Her "Milk Barrier" ability creates a protective shield around herself and allies, reducing incoming damage for a short duration. This ability is invaluable when your team is under attack and needs a bit of time to recover. Her "Milk Shower" ability also comes in handy as it slows down enemies, making them easier to deal with.

It's worth noting that Milk Cookie's healing ability cooldown period is relatively short, allowing you to use it frequently during battles. This, coupled with her defensive capability, makes her an excellent choice for players who want a healer that can also provide decent defensive support.

Cherry Cookie

Cherry Cookie, the newest addition to the healer lineup in Cookie Run: Kingdom, is a versatile and formidable character with unique abilities that make her an excellent choice for players who want a healer that can deal significant damage.

Her primary ability, "Cherry Blossom," is a powerful healing move that instantly restores a moderate amount of HP to all allies on the battlefield. This skill is akin to Pancake Cookie's "Pancake Power," but with a slightly less potent effect. However, it should be used strategically since it has a relatively long cooldown period, and timing it well during battles is essential.

In addition to her healing capabilities, Cherry Cookie's offensive prowess is equally impressive. Her "Cherry Blossom Attack" skill enables her to deal massive damage to enemies in front of her, making her an excellent choice for players looking for a character that can also deliver a strong offensive punch. Furthermore, her "Cherry Bomb" ability deals moderate damage to enemies in a specified area, making her useful in taking down multiple enemies at once.

Cookie Run: Kingdom


An essential member of any Cookie Run: Kingdom team is the Healer, and choosing the right one can make a significant impact on your gameplay. This guide provides all the necessary information to help you quickly identify the Healer that best suits your needs. It's worth noting that the other roles in your team are equally important, so be sure to keep that in mind. If you want to gather more information, you can download the Redfinger Android simulator and access all the relevant data you need.