What is the Best Class for PVP & PVE in A3: Still Alive?

A3: Still Alive's distinctive blend of PvP and PvE gameplay has made it a worldwide hit among players. Choosing the correct class is crucial to achieving success in the game. For novices, this can pose a significant challenge, requiring continuous experimentation to find the right fit. Fortunately, this guide can save you a considerable amount of time by helping you choose the most appropriate class for your playstyle and master the relevant skills.

A3: Still Alive

The Best Class for PVP & PVE in A3: Still Alive

1. Berserker

The Berserker class is a melee class that excels in dealing damage and disrupting enemy movements. Berserkers are known for their high HP and defensive abilities, making them a durable class in combat. This class is perfect for players who prefer to engage their enemies up close and personal.

The Berserker class's skills include Blood Rupture, which deals massive damage to a single target, and Cyclone Strike, which deals damage to all enemies in a specific area. They also have the Whirlwind skill, which deals damage to enemies in a circular area around the Berserker, and the Enrage skill, which increases their attack power.

2. Warlock

The Warlock class is a ranged class that specializes in dealing damage over time and crowd control. Warlocks have the ability to heal themselves and their allies, making them incredibly useful in group content. This class is perfect for players who prefer to stay at a distance from their enemies and support their allies.

The Warlock class's skills include Shadowbolt, which deals damage to a single target, and Shadow Vortex, which deals damage to all enemies in a specific area. They also have the Shadow Chains skill, which slows down enemies and deals damage over time, and the Drain Life skill, which heals the Warlock while dealing damage to the enemy.

3. Mage

The Mage class is a versatile class that excels in dealing high burst damage while providing buffs and debuffs to their allies. Mages are ranged classes that can play multiple roles, making them ideal for players who want to switch between different playstyles.

The Mage class's skills include Fireball, which deals high damage to a single target, and Blizzard, which deals damage to all enemies in a specific area. They also have the Chain Lightning skill, which deals damage to multiple enemies, and the Mana Shield skill, which provides a protective shield around the Mage while consuming mana.

A3: Still Alive

Tips for Mastering Your Class

To attain success in A3: Still Alive, it is crucial to master the skills of your chosen class. Thus, it becomes essential to follow certain guidelines that can enhance your gaming experience. 

The first guideline is to practice your skills, which is the first step towards mastering your chosen class. You need to invest time in learning the intricacies of each skill and its effects. Moreover, comprehending the timing of your skills is crucial, as using them at the wrong time can significantly impact your performance in battles. As you become more proficient in using your skills, you can experiment with different combinations to create devastating attacks that can overwhelm your opponents.

Another important guideline is positioning yourself correctly in battles, which can help you maximize your effectiveness. For melee classes like the Berserker, positioning yourself in the front line and engaging enemies is vital. On the other hand, for ranged classes like the Warlock and Mage, positioning yourself at a safe distance from enemies while providing support to your allies is critical. Understanding the terrain and the battlefield's layout can help you position yourself better and make informed decisions during battles.

The last guideline is about effectively utilizing consumables, which can significantly impact your performance in battles. Consumables like potions can heal you, boost your damage output, or increase your defense, allowing you to survive longer in battles. However, it's essential to use these consumables wisely, as they are limited in supply. Learning when to use consumables and managing them effectively can help you overcome challenging battles and emerge victorious.

Choosing the Right Class

Selecting the appropriate class for PvP and PvE gameplay necessitates a thoughtful approach. In PvP encounters, it's vital to choose a class that can deliver devastating blows while withstanding enemy attacks. The Berserker class is an ideal selection for PvP battles, primarily due to its impressive damage output and superior defensive abilities. The Berserker's ability to disrupt the enemy movements and high HP pool allows players to control the battlefield and emerge victorious in close combat.

In contrast, PvE gameplay requires a different set of skills, where players need to work together to defeat formidable monsters and bosses. In this context, the Warlock class is an excellent choice for PvE due to its ability to heal and control crowds of enemies. Warlocks' crowd control abilities are critical in PvE battles, where large groups of enemies can overwhelm players. The Warlock's ability to heal themselves and their allies makes them valuable members of any group, as they can sustain their team's health during protracted battles.


After reading the above content, I am confident that you will quickly select the A3: Still Alive class that best suits your PvP and PvE needs, which is not surprising. However, it's worth noting that the small screen of mobile devices can limit the performance of professional players. Therefore, selecting an Android emulator is crucial, and Redfinger is an excellent option.