Summoners War: Chronicles - Unleashing the Power of Summoners

There are many features in Summoners War: Chronicles that require quick mastery, including Summoner Transcendence, the Summoning Circle, Monster Fragment Exchange, Runes, and the Exchange Center. Currently, there is a scarcity of relevant guides available on the internet. In response, the Redfinger Android emulator platform has put together this comprehensive guide to assist novice gamers in quickly mastering gameplay techniques.

Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoner Transcendence

One of the standout features of Summoners War: Chronicles is the Summoner Transcendence system. After completing Chapter 5's main storyline quest, players unlock the ability to transcend their summoner. This allows them to raise the summoner's level cap from the original 60 to a maximum of 70. By collecting three types of essences, players can enhance their summoner's level cap by 2 with each transcendence. Furthermore, transcending enables the use of higher-level equipment, starting at levels 61 and 63. While leveling up is temporarily halted during the transcendence process, players can still increase their experience points to 100%, ensuring a smooth progression.

The Summoning Circle

The Summoning Circle is a crucial aspect of Summoners War: Chronicles. It introduces a new mechanic that allows players to summon Light and Dark monsters using Unknown Scrolls, Mystical Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, and Transcendence Scrolls. The summoning animation provides visual cues, with different colors indicating the potential star ratings of the summoned monster. The game also features summoning events that enhance the chances of acquiring specific monsters. Additionally, the safety net mechanism ensures that players are guaranteed a specific monster after a certain number of summons. This feature adds an exciting twist to the traditional summoning process, increasing the thrill and anticipation for players.

Monster Fragment Exchange

1. Transforming Duplicates into Fragments

When players acquire duplicate monsters in Summoners War: Chronicles, these duplicates are not just redundant copies. Instead, they hold the key to unlocking the potential of other monsters. Through the Monster Fragment Exchange system, duplicate monsters are transformed into fragments. These fragments become valuable resources that players can utilize to upgrade skills and evolve their monsters.

2. Strategic Acquisition and Enhancement

Accumulating fragments opens up exciting possibilities for players. By collecting 20 fragments of a specific monster, players gain the ability to directly summon that monster. This strategic acquisition allows players to focus on obtaining the monsters they desire most, rather than relying solely on random summons.

3. Customizing Monster Skills and Evolution

Upgrading skills is a vital aspect of maximizing the potential of monsters in Summoners War: Chronicles. By utilizing fragments obtained through the exchange system, players can enhance the skills of their monsters. Every 10 fragments allow players to increase a random skill level, enabling monsters to unleash more devastating attacks or provide valuable support to the team.

4. Strategic Decision-Making

The Monster Fragment Exchange system encourages players to make strategic decisions regarding the allocation of fragments. Players must evaluate which monsters in their collection will benefit the most from skill upgrades or evolution. By carefully considering their roster and long-term goals, players can optimize the use of fragments to create a formidable team of monsters.

Summoners War: Chronicles


In Summoners War: Chronicles, runes are instrumental in bolstering and personalizing the capabilities of monsters. While players are familiar with rune sets like Blessing, Fatal, Blade, Swift, and Rage, two distinctive sets, Unity and Foresee, stand out. Unity runes center around accuracy, greatly influencing attack success rates and ensuring precise hits on enemies. Conversely, Foresee runes prioritize evasion, granting monsters the invaluable ability to dodge incoming attacks. By mastering the strategic placement of runes and carefully selecting appropriate sets, players can profoundly impact battles and gain a significant competitive advantage within the game.

The Exchange Center

The Exchange Center revolutionizes the economic landscape of Summoners War: Chronicles by offering players a dynamic system for buying and selling equipment and crafting materials. Within this system, the in-game currency known as Rahild serves as the medium of exchange. Acquiring Rahild is exclusively possible through real-money transactions using red crystals. This innovative approach establishes a bustling marketplace, facilitating the trade of valuable items and nurturing an engaging and vibrant community.

In this ecosystem, players have diverse strategies: some dedicate their time to gathering materials, while others opt to purchase them from seasoned high-level players who have amassed significant resources. This varied approach fosters a collaborative environment where participants actively participate in transactions, further enhancing the interactive nature of the game.


Summoners War: Chronicles places great significance on the utilization of Runes. Unfortunately, numerous players tend to overlook this crucial aspect of the game. However, after perusing this guide, you might reconsider and delve into the intricacies outlined within it. For additional insights, you can acquire valuable tips from the Redfinger platform.

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