Seven Knights: Unleashing the Power of Character Classes and Abilities

Are you ready to embark on a journey to a magical land full of warriors, mages, and knights? Welcome to the world of Seven Knights, where battles are won by assembling a team of powerful heroes with unique skills and abilities. In this article, we'll explore the various character classes in Seven Knights and delve into the abilities that make each hero stand out in combat.

Seven Knights

Warrior Class

As the name suggests, warriors are the frontline fighters in Seven Knights. They have high HP and attack power, making them the perfect choice for players who like to deal massive damage to their opponents. However, warriors are also vulnerable to magic attacks, so players need to be careful when facing mages.

The warrior class in Seven Knights consists of heroes like Rudy, Rachel, and Dellons. Rudy is a powerful tank with the ability to shield his allies from damage. Rachel is a formidable damage dealer with the ability to inflict bleeding on her opponents. Dellons, on the other hand, is a versatile hero who can deal damage and also heal his allies.

Mage Class

Mages are the masters of magic in Seven Knights. They are capable of dealing massive damage to their opponents with their spells, making them a formidable force on the battlefield. However, mages have low HP and defense, making them vulnerable to physical attacks.

Consisting of heroes such as Eileen, Lina, and Kris, the mage class in Seven Knights boasts impressive abilities. Eileen has the power to deal damage and diminish her adversaries' magic defense. As a support mage, Lina can enhance her allies' magic attack and provide healing. Kris, on the other hand, can silence his opponents and deliver devastating damage.

Archer Class

Long-range fighters with high accuracy, archers in Seven Knights are capable of inflicting massive damage from a distance, yet they have low HP and defense, rendering them susceptible to physical attacks.

Within the archer class in Seven Knights, one can find heroes like Shane, Velika, and Jupy. Shane possesses formidable strength, with the ability to bypass her opponents' defense. While Velika can deal damage, she can also decrease her foes' accuracy. Jupy, on the other hand, is a versatile hero who can inflict damage and restore her allies' health.

Knight Class

Defenders in Seven Knights, knights are ideal for players who prefer to absorb damage with their high defense and HP, and they also bring value to the battlefield by stunning their foes.

Heroes like Karin, Evan, and Leo can be found in the knight class of Seven Knights. Karin can heal her allies and reduce her opponents' attack power, while Evan, a potent tank, has the ability to stun his foes. Leo, on the other hand, is a versatile hero capable of dealing damage and restoring his allies' health.

Support Class

With the ability to heal allies, boost stats, and even revive fallen teammates, support heroes serve as the backbone of any team in Seven Knights, despite their susceptibility to physical and magic attacks due to their low attack power and defense.

Lucy, May, and Karon are among the heroes found within the support class of Seven Knights. Lucy can heal allies and reduce opponents' speed, May can bolster defense and revive fallen allies, and Karon is a versatile hero capable of both healing allies and hindering opponents' healing abilities.

Special Class

Capable of dealing tremendous damage to their opponents and supporting their allies in various ways, special heroes are the rarest and most powerful heroes in Seven Knights. They stand out from other classes due to their unique set of abilities and often have a specific role in team compositions.

Awakened Dellons, Awakened Eileen, and Awakened Shane are among the heroes found in the special class of Seven Knights. Awakened Dellons can both deal massive damage and heal allies, Awakened Eileen is a potent mage with the ability to reduce opponents' magic defense and enhance allies' magic attack power, while Awakened Shane is a formidable archer who can inflict colossal damage and also weaken her opponents' defense.

In addition to their classes, Seven Knights heroes also have unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle in their favor. Each hero has a set of skills that can be upgraded using skill points, allowing players to customize their heroes' abilities to suit their playstyle.

Some abilities in Seven Knights are passive, meaning they are always active and don't need to be activated by the player. For example, Shane's passive ability, "Death Ruler," allows her to deal additional damage to her opponents based on their missing HP. Passive abilities are useful for players who like to set up their heroes and let them do the work without needing to micromanage them.

Other abilities in Seven Knights are active, meaning they need to be activated by the player during combat. For example, Rachel's active ability, "Deadly Poison," allows her to inflict bleeding on her opponents, dealing additional damage over time. Active abilities are useful for players who like to be more involved in the combat and want to have more control over their heroes' actions.

Seven Knights


To succeed in Seven Knights, players must assemble a team of powerful heroes with unique skills and abilities. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character class is crucial to building a successful team. Upgrading heroes' abilities and customizing skills to match one's playstyle is also important. With the right team composition and abilities, players can unleash the full power of their heroes and emerge victorious in battles. Furthermore, it is worth noting that players can download and play Seven Knights on their PC using the Redfinger Android emulator.