Seven Knights: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Heroes for Advanced Players

Seven Knights is a role-playing game that has won the hearts of millions of players worldwide. With over 700 heroes to choose from, players can experiment with different combinations to create a powerful team. As an advanced player, you have a good understanding of the game mechanics and are always looking for ways to improve your gameplay. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the best heroes for advanced players in Seven Knights.

Seven Knights


Elysia is an excellent all-rounder, able to hold her own in both PvP and PvE battles. One of her most outstanding skills is Divine Wind, which not only reduces the enemy's defense but also increases the damage output of all allies.

Elysia is also an exceptional healer, able to revive a fallen ally with her unique skill, Heavenly Resurrection. This ability gives your team a second chance to win a battle, making Elysia an invaluable member of any team. In addition, her passive ability, Magic Protection, reduces the magic damage received, making her an excellent hero to have in your lineup.

She deals a decent amount of damage with her ultimate ability, Divine Strike, which also stuns the enemy. This skill is particularly effective when used against enemies with high magic defense. Elysia's unique skill, Divine Grace, is another reason why she is so effective in battles. This skill increases the damage dealt by all allies and also heals them, giving your team a significant advantage.


With his unique ability, Blazing Soul, Dellons stands out as a powerful and fierce hero, capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. This passive skill boosts his critical hit rate and critical damage, allowing him to effortlessly shred through enemy defenses and turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Not only that, but Dellons' ultimate ability, Dragon Slayer, is a force to be reckoned with, dealing massive damage to all enemies on the battlefield, making him an invaluable asset for taking down multiple foes at once, especially in raids or world bosses.

Dellons' combat abilities go beyond dealing damage. His unique skill, Ultimate Sacrifice, enables him to sacrifice himself to increase the critical hit rate and critical damage of all allies, providing your team with a significant boost in damage output and turning the tide of a battle in your favor.


Kris' ultimate ability, Death Slash, deals a significant amount of damage to enemies and also silences them, preventing them from using their own ultimate abilities against Kris and his allies. This skill is a game-changer in PvP battles, allowing Kris to quickly take down opponents and give his team the upper hand.

Kris' unique skill, Death Immortal, is another reason why he is so effective in PvP battles. This skill enables Kris to resurrect himself after he is defeated, giving your team an additional chance to win.


Eileen's passive ability, War Cry, increases the attack and defense of all allies, providing your team with a significant advantage in battles.

Eileen's ultimate ability, Lightning Strike, deals a substantial amount of damage to all enemies. This skill is particularly useful in raids or world bosses. Moreover, Eileen's unique skill, Magic Surge, increases the magic attack of all allies, making her an excellent hero to have in your lineup.

Furthermore, Eileen is not just a combat hero but also an excellent support hero. Her unique skill, Hero's Blessing, restores the HP of all allies and removes debuffs, making her an invaluable asset in battles where debuffs are prevalent. This ability can turn the tide of battles in your favor, giving your team a second chance to win.


Rin's passive ability, Regeneration, is a game-changer, restoring the HP of all allies every turn, making it particularly effective in prolonged battles.

Rin's ultimate ability, Blessing of Water, is a versatile skill that not only increases the attack and defense of all allies but also removes debuffs, giving your team a significant advantage. This skill is especially effective in PvP battles, where debuffs are prevalent and can quickly hinder your team's performance.


With his ability to absorb a significant amount of damage in battles, Kyle proves to be a formidable tank hero. He is an excellent choice for advanced players seeking domination over their opponents, thanks to his unique abilities. Kyle's game-changing passive ability, Blood Curse, reduces the damage he receives and increases his critical hit rate.


Rachel's ultimate ability, Firestorm, is a powerful force that deals massive damage to all enemies while also reducing their damage output. 

However, what truly distinguishes Rachel is her unique skill, Magic Mastery. This ability not only increases her own magic attack but also the magic attack of all her allies, making her an exceptional support hero. She provides a significant boost to her team's magic attack, enabling them to dominate their opponents in battle.

Seven Knights


The heroes mentioned above are among the best options for advanced players to use in Seven Knights. However, it's worth noting that there are many other characters available in the game. Experimenting with different heroes is key to finding those that best fit your playstyle and strategy. By combining the right heroes, you can conquer any battle that comes your way. It's also important to try each hero as it can be difficult to understand their skills solely based on the guide's introduction. Fortunately, using the Redfinger Android emulator, you can log in to multiple accounts simultaneously and play with different heroes.