Seven Knights: A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining and Enhancing Heroes

In Seven Knights, there exist numerous heroes, but only a handful are available upon joining the game. To obtain additional heroes, one must complete various tasks or purchase them. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to gather heroes in Seven Knights.

Seven Knights

Ways to get heroes in Seven Knights

1. Summoning

Summoning heroes is an exciting feature in Seven Knights with different methods such as Normal, Special, and Premium summons. Normal summons can be done using Friend Points, which can be obtained by adding friends or sending friend requests to other players. Although they have a lower chance of summoning rare heroes, they are ideal for accumulating heroes and leveling up existing ones.

Special summons require rubies, which can be earned through completing missions and quests, participating in events, ranking up in Arena battles, or purchased with real money in the in-game store. These summons have a higher chance of summoning rare heroes, making them a great choice for players looking to acquire powerful characters quickly. Premium summons, on the other hand, require Topaz, which can be earned through various game modes or purchased with real money. They are the most exclusive and challenging method of summoning, with the highest chance of summoning rare heroes, including the coveted Seven Knights heroes. However, they are generally reserved for advanced players who have accumulated a large amount of Topaz.

2. Adventure Mode

Each chapter is designed to provide a unique experience with challenging battles and memorable characters, and players can earn heroes ranging from common to rare by completing the challenges presented.

Obtaining heroes through Adventure Mode requires skill and strategy as players must navigate through a series of battles using their best tactics and carefully chosen heroes. Along the way, players must also manage their heroes' health and energy using items and equipment. Completing Adventure Mode not only rewards players with heroes but also provides opportunities to earn valuable resources such as gold and equipment that can be used to enhance their heroes and progress further in the game.

3. Special Events

Netmarble hosts special events in Seven Knights that provide players with exclusive heroes as rewards. These events are highly anticipated and add excitement to the game, with heroes offered being rare and powerful. To participate in these events, players must meet specific requirements, such as completing game modes, achieving ranks in Arena battles, or reaching milestones in the game, which adds a challenge to earn the rewards.

4. Fusion

By fusing two or more heroes in Seven Knights, players can create a new hero with higher stats and abilities, whose rarity is determined by the rarity of the heroes used in the fusion. This feature adds more variety to team composition and gameplay strategy by creating unique heroes.

In addition to obtaining new heroes, fusion is a useful way to enhance existing heroes by fusing duplicate heroes and increasing their stats and abilities. By doing this, players can improve the effectiveness of their heroes in battles, especially those that they have already invested in through upgrading skills or equipment.

Seven Knights

Enhancing Heroes

Once you have obtained a hero, the next step is to enhance it to make it stronger. There are several ways to enhance heroes in Seven Knights:

1. Leveling Up

In Seven Knights, players can enhance their heroes through leveling up, which is the most fundamental method. By participating in battles and earning experience points, or by using Hero EXP Potions, players can level up their heroes.

2. Rank Up

The rarity and stats of a hero in Seven Knights can be elevated through Rank Up, which necessitates a particular number of copies of the same hero, in addition to other materials like gold and awakening shards.

3. Awakening

Increasing a hero's maximum level and unlocking new skills is possible in Seven Knights through the Awakening feature. For awakening a hero, players need to acquire a certain amount of awakening shards, along with other materials such as gold and awakening crystals.

4. Limit Break

By using the Limit Break feature in Seven Knights, players can increase a hero's maximum level and stats beyond their current limits. A specific number of copies of the same hero and other materials like gold and limit break stones are necessary for players to perform a Limit Break in Seven Knights.


By following the aforementioned guide, you can acquire numerous heroes and enhance their abilities. However, it's worth noting that this process can be quite time-consuming. To avoid wasting excessive amounts of time, we suggest utilizing the Redfinger Android emulator, which allows for the use of multiple accounts with its simultaneous login feature. This way, you can operate several game accounts simultaneously and effectively acquire and strengthen heroes in a targeted manner.