Redfinger | What are the functions of the statues in Seven Knights?

The statues in Seven Knights have interactive functions. After interacting with them, players can gain a new skill. Different statues have different skills, and these skills have different effects when activated. Let's introduce the functions of various statues:

Seven Knights

Thief Statue

When an extra skill is triggered, the Thief Statue unleashes a powerful shockwave that carries immense energy and draws nearby enemies towards its core. This ability proves valuable for gathering monsters effectively. Nevertheless, it's important to note that the shockwave doesn't deflect bullets, necessitating caution to avoid intersecting with their trajectories while utilizing it.

Sprite Statue

The Sprite Statue functions similarly to the Thief Statue by emitting an energy wave, but with a distinct effect. Instead of stealing from enemies, the Sprite Statue's wave forcefully repels them and has the additional ability to neutralize incoming bullets. Although its attack power is modest at 5 points, this skill proves invaluable in dire situations where one finds themselves surrounded by adversaries, potentially serving as a life-saving maneuver.

Paladin Statue

The Paladin Statue envelops the player in a protective blue shield capable of nullifying incoming bullets. This formidable shield endures for a duration of approximately five to six seconds, and in instances where the player's offensive capabilities are substantial, it can even prove to be the decisive factor in vanquishing a formidable boss.

Berserker Statue

The Berserker Statue grants the player a protective red shield, albeit with a contrasting trait compared to the Paladin Statue. Unlike its counterpart, this shield does not possess the ability to neutralize bullets. Nevertheless, it bestows a powerful advantage to all entities within its confines, including allies, pets, and turrets. Within the shield's embrace, bullets expand in size, and the damage inflicted by all characters is doubled. With a duration of five seconds, activating this shield while engaging in a boss battle can significantly amplify our overall damage output.

Engineer Statue

The Engineer Statue imparts the player with the power to unleash a barrage of explosive bombs. Upon activating this skill, multiple TNT explosives materialize in proximity to the player, primed to detonate after a specific duration. The resulting explosions wreak havoc on enemies within range, dealing substantial damage. Furthermore, there exists a possibility to inflict a burning effect upon foes, causing them to suffer a steady loss of health over time.

Priest Statue

The Priest Statue enables players to conjure a mystical magic circle, imbued with the power to replenish mana. This enchanting ability can be utilized thrice, with each activation restoring 10 mana points. Mana serves a vital purpose, as it fuels the provision of bullets for weapons, allowing for sustained firepower during combat.

Knight Statue

The Knight Statue beckons forth a valiant soldier to fight alongside the player as a trusted teammate. This formidable warrior possesses the ability to engage enemies in combat, boasting a considerable amount of health. The soldier's presence is bound by a predetermined summoning duration, and once this time elapses, the soldier will meet an automatic demise. With a distinct health pool of its own, the soldier's vitality diminishes with each blow sustained, ultimately meeting its fate when its health reaches zero. Notably, the soldier can be impacted by other statue skills and benefit from empowering buff effects.

Seven Knights

Mage Statue

The Mage Statue bestows upon players the ability to unleash a barrage of projectiles. A grand total of eight projectiles can be discharged, each exhibiting an innate capability to autonomously track and engage enemies. With each successful hit, these projectiles inflict a noteworthy three points of damage per projectile, ensuring a formidable assault on adversaries.

Assassin Statue

The Assassin Statue empowers players to hurl deadly daggers at their foes. Unlike magic projectiles, these daggers lack inherent tracking abilities but compensate with their formidable damage output. Each dagger inflicts a significant four points of damage, offering a potent offensive option. By default, players can throw three daggers at a time. However, with the acquisition of the talent to enhance the spread, the player gains the capacity to launch a volley of five daggers simultaneously, intensifying the onslaught against their adversaries.

Werewolf Statue

The Werewolf Statue possesses the ability to replenish the player's health, which may initially seem appealing. However, the healing capacity of this skill is rather meager, falling short of expectations. Moreover, the cooldown period for this skill is notably extended, further diminishing its overall efficacy. Consequently, it is advisable for players to refrain from selecting this particular statue, as other options would offer more advantageous benefits.

Statue of Faith

The Statue of Faith bestows a randomized statue effect upon activation, albeit at a considerable cost of 300 blue gems per use. Consequently, it is not strongly recommended to utilize this statue unless one finds themselves in a dire or desperate situation. In most cases, manually selecting a specific statue would prove to be a superior choice, allowing for more deliberate and advantageous decision-making.


There are a total of 11 statues in Seven Knights, each with its own unique function. However, players cannot choose all of them; they can only select the ones that suit them. If you want to know which statue to choose for each class, you can find a guide on the Redfinger Android emulator platform.

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