Redfinger | Tips for Increasing Combat Power in EOS Red After Level 60

EOS Red is an online multiplayer role-playing game that is popular among gamers. One of the main goals of the game is to increase your combat power to defeat bosses and other players. However, increasing combat power after level 60 can be challenging, especially for free-to-play or low-spending players. In this article, we will provide tips and strategies for increasing your combat power after level 60 in EOS Red.


Equipment Upgrades: The Key to Increasing Combat Power

Upgrading your equipment is the most important factor in increasing your combat power in EOS Red. After reaching level 60, your main goal should be to upgrade your equipment to +9 or +10. This will significantly improve your defense and attack stats, making it easier to defeat stronger monsters and bosses.

To upgrade your equipment, you need to obtain white equipment dropped by monsters. The first step is to open the equipment encyclopedia and identify the equipment you need. Once you have identified the equipment, you can start grinding in areas where the monsters drop the desired equipment.

Crafting Equipment Boxes: A Good Option for Free-to-Play Players

Crafting equipment boxes can be an effective option for players who are not willing to spend much on the game or are playing for free. To obtain better equipment, free-to-play players can decompose the white equipment dropped by monsters and use the resulting materials to create "normal equipment boxes." Though the chances of getting green or blue equipment from these boxes are low, it is still worth the time and resources invested in creating them. Crafting equipment boxes is an excellent way to upgrade your equipment and increase your combat power in EOS Red, even if you are not spending a lot of money on the game.

Blue Equipment: The Next Step

After upgrading your equipment to +9 or +10, the next step is to obtain blue equipment. Blue equipment provides even better stats than white equipment, making it essential for increasing your combat power in EOS Red.

Blue equipment can be obtained through crafting, monster drops, or purchasing from the marketplace. However, crafting blue equipment requires rare materials that are difficult to obtain. Therefore, it is recommended to grind in areas where the monsters drop blue equipment or purchase it from the marketplace.

Skills and Pet Skills: Enhancing Your Combat Power

Skills and pet skills are essential for enhancing your combat power in EOS Red. They provide additional attack and defense stats, making it easier to defeat stronger monsters and bosses.

To obtain skills and pet skills, you need to grind in areas where the monsters drop the desired skills. You can also purchase skills from the marketplace, but they can be expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to grind for skills and pet skills to save resources.

Soul Stones: The Final Touch

Soul stones are a valuable resource that can provide an extra boost to your equipment in EOS Red. By equipping your equipment with soul stones, you can significantly increase your combat power and take on tougher monsters and bosses. These stones can be obtained in different ways, such as grinding in specific areas where the monsters drop soul stones or purchasing them from the marketplace.

One important thing to keep in mind is that soul stones come in different grades, with higher-grade stones providing better stats. Therefore, it is crucial to grind for higher-grade soul stones to enhance your equipment even further. The higher the grade of the soul stone, the more significant the boost to your stats, and the more formidable your character will become.

To increase your chances of obtaining higher-grade soul stones, you should grind in areas with tougher monsters and higher-level bosses. These areas typically have a higher chance of dropping rare items, including high-grade soul stones. Additionally, you can purchase higher-grade soul stones from the marketplace if you have enough in-game currency or are willing to spend real money.

Grinding Strategies: Choosing the Right Areas

Choosing the right areas to grind is essential for increasing your combat power in EOS Red. You should choose areas where the monsters drop the equipment, skills, and soul stones you need. Grinding in areas with a high monster density can also be beneficial, as it increases your chances of obtaining the desired items.

It is also recommended to use an emulator to play EOS Red. Using an emulator makes it easier to compete for monsters and change targets quickly, allowing you to grind more efficiently.



In EOS Red, after the level is raised to level 60, there are many things that need to be done to improve combat power, not only need to update equipment but also improve pet skills. In addition, after level 60, it will take more time to gain experience and upgrade the level. You can use the auxiliary ability of the Redfinger Android emulator to complete Grinding without wasting time.