Redfinger | Seven Knights: Best Heroes for Beginners

Seven Knights is an incredibly popular mobile game that features a vast array of heroes that players can use to battle their way through countless challenges. However, for beginners, it can be overwhelming to choose the right heroes to start with. That's why we've compiled a list of the best heroes for beginners to use in Seven Knights.

Seven Knights


Evan is a formidable hero for beginners as he possesses a unique combination of strength. He is an exceptional tank that can withstand immense amounts of damage, making him a valuable asset to any team. Not only that, but Evan can also deal out significant damage, making him an offensive force to be reckoned with.

What sets Evan apart from other heroes is his user-friendliness. Even those new to Seven Knights will have no trouble understanding and using his skills, which are easy to execute and can quickly turn the tide of battle. His skills include Shield of Order, which boosts his own defense and counters any incoming attacks, and Justice Strike, which deals massive damage to enemies.

But that's not all. Evan's versatility is unparalleled, as he can adapt to different roles within a team. He can act as a frontline defender, soaking up damage while dealing out counterattacks. Alternatively, he can serve as a supporting hero, buffing up his teammates with his skills and helping them unleash their full potential.


As a support hero, Karin can grant significant buffs to her allies, such as increased attack power and critical hit rate. She is also equipped with a powerful healing skill that can turn the tide of battle in even the toughest encounters.

What makes Karin such a valuable addition to any team is her ability to quickly adapt to the changing demands of battle. With her extensive knowledge of support magic, she can quickly switch between different roles to keep her allies safe and effective.

One of Karin's most powerful skills is her Arcane Blessing, which provides a significant attack power boost to all allies. This skill can be the key to victory in a tough fight, allowing your team to deal out incredible amounts of damage. Additionally, Karin's healing skill, Prayer of Light, is a game-changer, as it can restore health to all allies in the team, ensuring they remain in fighting form for the duration of the battle.


Rudy can provide crucial protection to your team in the heat of battle. With his immense health pool and the ability to withstand heavy damage, he is the ideal hero to absorb hits and keep your allies safe.

For tough battles, Rudy's taunting skill is an invaluable asset that compels enemies to focus on him instead of your other heroes, effectively shielding your team from harm. Rudy's durability and taunting ability make him an indispensable cornerstone of your team's defense.

Rudy can also deal out significant damage to enemies. His skills include the powerful attack ability Justice Strike, which can deal massive damage to enemies and turn the tide of battle in your favor. With his versatile skillset, Rudy can also act as a secondary damage dealer, further increasing his value to your team.


Lucy, an exceptional support hero, is an excellent option for beginners seeking to play a supportive role in battles. Her exceptional skill set provides significant value to her team, giving them the potential to tip the balance in their favor during any match.

What sets Lucy apart is her proficiency in buffing her team, thanks to her plethora of skills that can augment her allies. By boosting their speed and decreasing the cooldown time of their abilities, Lucy's enhancements can prove vital for any team composition and give them a considerable advantage during combat.

Furthermore, Lucy's healing ability is a priceless asset during challenging encounters. Whether it's reviving fallen comrades for a second chance to fight or providing a source of sustenance to keep her team healthy, Lucy's restorative skills ensure that her allies are always prepared for whatever lies ahead.


For beginners seeking a damage dealer hero, Shane is an exceptional option. With her diverse and powerful abilities, she can deal massive amounts of damage to her opponents, making her a valuable asset to any team in need of a reliable damage dealer.

Shane's defensive capabilities are one of her most significant advantages. She can mitigate the damage taken by her allies, making her an invaluable asset during tough battles. This defensive skill can be the determining factor between a crushing defeat and a hard-fought victory. By ensuring that her teammates can stay in the fight longer and deal more damage, Shane can turn the tide of the battle in her team's favor.

In addition to her defensive capabilities, Shane is also an incredibly skilled offensive hero. Her abilities are potent and can inflict significant damage to her opponents, putting them on the back foot and giving her team an advantage in combat. Her straightforward skills make her an excellent hero for beginners, as they can focus on executing their strategies without getting bogged down in the nuances of the game's mechanics.


Consider Lina for your team's support hero, as she possesses an exceptional set of skills that can provide much-needed buffs to her allies. These enhancements, such as increased defense and reduced damage from critical hits, are essential in battles, as they can help keep her teammates alive and give them a fighting chance.

Furthermore, Lina's healing skill is an invaluable asset that can be the deciding factor during challenging encounters. By restoring her allies' health, she can turn the tide of a battle and give her team the energy to fight back and win. Additionally, her healing skill can also act as a source of sustenance, ensuring that her teammates remain healthy and prepared for whatever challenges may arise.

Despite Lina's skillset being straightforward and easy to understand, she is still an exceptional hero that beginners should consider for their team. Her straightforward abilities only enhance her effectiveness, allowing beginners to focus on their strategies and game mechanics without worrying about mastering complicated abilities.

Seven Knights


Selecting the appropriate heroes is crucial for beginners, and the six heroes mentioned above are among the best options for them. By leveling up and equipping their heroes with the right gear, players can enhance their chances of success in battles with a balanced team composition.

What many beginners of Seven Knights are unaware of is that they can also play this game on PC. If interested, one can search for Redfinger on the Google Play Store and download this Android emulator to enjoy playing the game on their computer.