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Crusaders Quest is an RPG game with pixel art and real-time battles, following a Japanese-style aesthetic. It was developed by LoadComplete and published by NHN Entertainment. Upon its initial release, the game garnered popularity in more than 30 countries, including the United States and South Korea. With a dedicated player base of over 8 million users, it has received over 280 recommendations on the Apple Store. The game offers a unique battle system that sets it apart from traditional turn-based RPGs and side-scrolling action games. Notably, character movement does not rely on directional control keys, but instead requires players to simultaneously control up to three characters. In the following sections, we will explore practical tips for playing with different characters in the game.

Crusaders Quest

Practical Tips for Whitebeard in Crusaders Quest

Whitebeard Drake plays a crucial role in the team as a support character specializing in eliminating single targets. He possesses powerful abilities that boost damage, particularly with guaranteed critical hits that smoothly activate the passives of multiple characters. When teamed up effectively, Whitebeard Drake excels in providing strong team protection, making him an ideal companion for characters like Dorothy who benefit from buffs. Whitebeard Drake's synergy extends to activating the passive ability of the Harvest Goddess and seamlessly complementing NO.9's buffs. By transforming any three blocks into elimination blocks, he directly triggers the Pirate Shield. Throughout the game, Whitebeard Drake boasts the highest critical hit rate increase ability. However, despite his position in the front row, he lacks the support of a dedicated tank before activating the shield, rendering him quite vulnerable. With his exclusive weapon, his support abilities are further amplified, and he becomes a formidable damage dealer as well.

Given that Whitebeard's primary damage source does not rely on his exclusive weapon for calculating his output ability, it is advisable to concentrate on enhancing his physical penetration in A slots and physical defense in D slots. When it comes to HP percentage slots, prioritizing critical rate in the F slot is recommended for versatility. The ideal option would be a DF physical defense and critical rate setup. Even without penetration, Whitebeard Drake can effortlessly defeat the majority of Fruit enemies. Currently, employing a 120 physical penetration ring proves to be effective in boosting his output against foes with low physical resistance, without occupying a crucial weapon enchantment slot.

Suggested abilities: Indestructible Barrier (an excellent skill accessible to all, providing solid protection), Anchor Drop (moderate damage, but its standout feature is a 5-second evasion bypass; crucially, it also triggers Whitebeard Drake's personal shield), advised against learning Guardian Incarnation (if he's already vulnerable, why hasten his demise? Moreover, the shield already safeguards the backline, so absorbing needless damage would squander its potential).

Practical Tips for Athena in Crusaders Quest

Athena, the auxiliary tank-type warrior, possesses skills that grow in power with consecutive eliminations. Her damage increases at rates of 50%, 120%, and 210% magic damage. As a passive ability, known as Main Force Type, when a 3-block elimination occurs, Athena generates a protective shield for all allies that lasts for 10 seconds. This shield matches Athena's own magic defense, which is set at 200%. While the shield is active, Athena's blocks, when utilized, deal physical damage equivalent to 200% of her magic defense.

Athena excels in the role of a tank, offering a protective shield that grants her a 200% increase in magic defense. Additionally, her attacks during the shield's duration are also amplified, dealing damage equivalent to 200% of her magic defense. It should be noted that Athena's skills rely on the presence of a team leader and the accomplishment of a 3-block elimination, making her output limited otherwise. Thus, Athena is primarily suited for the role of a tank.

Crusaders Quest

Practical Tips for Lionel in Crusaders Quest

Lionel's passive skill increases his attack by 15% for 5 seconds after receiving 5 hits, and he also launches a light sphere that deals 200% physical damage. When his HP is below half, he activates a light pillar that deals 500% physical damage. Increasing attack through stacking doesn't have a noticeable effect in actual combat, possibly because the stacking does not refresh the duration, making it difficult to stack it high. The light sphere has multiple hits, and if Lionel stays in contact with the target throughout, the overall damage ratio is actually quite high.


There are many characters in Crusaders Quest, and the three characters mentioned above are quite commonly used. If you want to learn practical tips for other characters, you can access them through the Redfinger platform. Redfinger is an Android emulator platform where you can not only learn various mobile game tips and tricks but also use it to play games, enhancing your visual experience.

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