Redfinger | Introduction to Spider-Man Character in Marvel Contest of Champions

Spider-Man is a very popular character in Marvel Contest of Champions because of his strong sense of justice and cool gameplay, which makes him loved by many players. Therefore, many players like to choose this character. Now let's analyze this character in detail.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Spider-Man Gameplay Overview

Spider-Man's passive ability can be likened to an "omniscient eye," granting him exceptional maneuverability and control effects in his skill set. However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of his ultimate ability, it is necessary to accumulate marks from his first skill to trigger a stunning effect. Without stacking the marks, Spider-Man's ultimate skill remains dormant, making him a challenging hero to master. The recommended sequence involves utilizing the first skill followed by the second skill, and incorporating basic attacks to ensure all core skills connect and the marks accumulate. Once accomplished, Spider-Man can unleash his ultimate skill.

Spider-Man typically adopts a jungle route, thus it is advisable to equip him with gear that strikes a balance between durability and damage output. This setup ensures his survival while enabling him to deal significant damage during ganks and team fights. The following equipment is recommended: Quantum Rifle, Marching Boots, Stormbreaker, Sovereign of the Night, Captain America's Shield, and Death's Shadow.

Spider-Man Skills:

Heroic Assistance: Spider Power (passive skill) - Spider-Man possesses the ability to perceive the positions of enemy heroes within a certain range.

First Skill: Web Shot - Spider-Man fires three web bullets in a designated direction, inflicting damage upon enemies struck. Hitting enemies with these bullets applies a deceleration effect, marking them in the process. Once the mark accumulates four stacks, the enemy suffers immediate damage and becomes stunned.

Second Skill: Web Sling - Spider-Man employs his web to swing, gaining acceleration. After executing the web swing, the subsequent basic attack pulls Spider-Man towards the target and applies a mark.

Third Skill: Web Punishment - Spider-Man exploits his web to propel himself towards enemy heroes within a specific range who are already stunned. This action inflicts damage upon them, charges his ability, and also damages and knocks back surrounding enemies.

How to Use Spider-Man's Ultimate Skill

In order to effectively unleash this skill, it is crucial to comprehend its mechanics and the conditions that trigger it. The skill's description states that Spider-Man can employ his web to pull himself towards enemy heroes within a certain range, provided they are stunned. This action inflicts physical damage, causes knock-up effects, and initiates area attacks. Hence, to successfully utilize this skill, the presence of stunned enemies is essential; otherwise, it cannot be executed.

If our aim is to unleash the ultimate skill on its own, we must utilize the first skill since it is the only one Spider-Man possesses that can stun enemies. This particular skill enables Spider-Man to unleash multiple web shots at enemies, causing them to decelerate. After attacking the enemy four times, they will become stunned. Therefore, to unleash the ultimate skill independently, we must make effective use of the first skill.

Stunning enemies on our own can prove challenging, so it is advisable to collaborate with teammates who possess stun abilities. This allows Spider-Man to swiftly join the battle and inflict extensive damage. During the hero selection process, if there are multiple teammates who possess stun abilities, choosing Spider-Man would be wise. This way, we can synchronize our actions with Spider-Man to rapidly unleash the controlling effects of the ultimate skill.

Occasionally, when others are positioned ahead of us, attacking additional enemies while using the ultimate skill becomes impractical. In such instances, we can combine the Flash summoner spell with the ultimate skill. By activating Flash at the precise moment the ultimate skill is released, we can strike a greater number of enemies with the ultimate skill.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Spider-Man Skins Overview

Spider-Man boasts a total of three exquisitely designed skins, each presenting a unique and distinct appearance. Let's explore these remarkable skins:

1. Big Era

The first skin serves as Spider-Man's companion, featuring a transformation into a black figure adorned with striking green prints. Overall, it emanates an air of secrecy, akin to a figure traversing through darkness, resembling an invisible assassin capable of delivering a lethal blow to adversaries at any moment. The skin's allure lies in its departure from Spider-Man's traditional red and blue color scheme, instead offering a more menacing and killer-like visage.

2. Marvel Contest of Champions 3: Infinity War

This skin draws inspiration from Spider-Man's appearance in the third Marvel Contest of Champions movie. It showcases enhanced intricacy, boasting additional decorative elements on the costume and a golden spider emblem. When donning this skin, Spider-Man radiates a vivid and vibrant aura, as the colors appear more pronounced and lively. Additionally, the inclusion of a beaded glove hints at his ability to unleash immense power in an instant.

3. Arcade Spider-Man

While the previous two skins lean towards classic designs, the Arcade Spider-Man skin represents a fresh and innovative approach. Transforming into an arcade-style figure, Spider-Man's costume adopts cyberpunk elements with camouflage accents. However, despite its appealing aesthetics, this skin does have a notable drawback. Its overly bright appearance makes Spider-Man an easy target for adversaries, lacking the concealment effects necessary for effective stealth.


Spider-Man is a powerful character in Marvel Contest of Champions, but he is not invincible. Some characters can counter Spider-Man to a certain extent. You can find guides on this aspect on the Redfinger Android emulator platform.

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