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In the world of Cross Gate: New World, the swordsman is renowned for their versatility as a profession. They excel in both offense and defense, boasting impressive burst capability and survival skills. With a unique blend of single-target burst damage and multi-target area-of-effect attacks, they possess a wide range of abilities. In the heat of battles, they unleash their skills to enhance their evasion, thereby significantly boosting their survivability without compromising their output.

Cross Gate: New World

The swordsman, belonging to the warrior class, stands out due to their exceptional versatility. Players have the freedom to equip the swordsman with various weapons such as a sword and shield, an axe, or even a spear, catering to individual preferences. This class offers a diverse range of skill-based gameplay, complemented by the swordsman's talent for weapon bonuses. Opting for the swordsman as a career choice ensures a well-rounded character, making it an excellent option for players seeking stability.

Skill Analysis of Swordsman

Combo Dance: This ability enables the user to perform two random target attacks, each inflicting distinct amounts of damage. Upon reaching the second stage, it also bestows an extra chance to unleash an attack.

Combo Break: In contrast to the preceding ability that entails a randomized assault on a group, this particular skill places its emphasis on executing numerous targeted attacks. Although the individual damage inflicted by each strike may not be substantial, the cumulative damage output remains consistently reliable.

Sunfire: While launching an attack, this ability depletes the swordsman's defense in order to augment evasion. Although its multiplier is not exceptionally high as it focuses on targeting a single opponent, if a combo attack is initiated, it will unleash a more potent output effect.

Swift and Decisive: The aforementioned ability primarily augments the swiftness and offensive capabilities of the swordsman, albeit at the expense of their subsequent turn's action. It significantly amplifies agility with a relatively substantial multiplier, particularly when employed in conjunction with its inherent talent. The outcomes it yields are notably impressive. It is advisable to deploy this skill when instigating an initial attack or when subduing the adversary's vitality. However, following the utilization of this ability, it becomes imperative for the swordsman's comrades to provide protective measures to guarantee their well-being.

Holy Shield: The swordsman possesses a formidable skill that enhances their defense against both physical and magical attacks. In situations where damage mitigation is essential, this skill should be utilized.

Talent Points of Swordsman

When it comes to skill talent combinations, similar to the other five professions, the swordsman also has two distinct talents available. The first one is Judgment, which predominantly relies on personal output and offers enhancements primarily through possession status. Upon reaching 20 points, the swordsman can acquire a skill named "Cleave." This particular skill enables the swordsman to inflict damage on multiple targets in the same column, boasting a significantly high multiplier. It is not advisable to opt for "Swift and Decisive" when learning skills under this talent. As for the remaining skills, they can be chosen based on individual preference.

The presence of another talent, known as Phantom Spirit, serves to amplify the attributes of both the swordsman and their loyal pet during periods of rest. To fully utilize this talent, it is essential to have a formidable combat pet at your side at all times. Without the companionship of a powerful battle pet, the true potential of this talent remains untapped. Regarding skill acquisition, "Swift and Decisive" comes highly recommended.

Cross Gate: New World

Tips of Swordsman

When engaging in various instances, particularly solo ones, swordsmen face a greater need to organize their own team. It is crucial, therefore, to swiftly adjust the team's direction throughout the process, ensuring its sustainability. Often, players tend to overlook crucial team adjustments such as profession and character composition. However, for a swordsman, these adjustments hold significant importance as they can substantially enhance the team's overall efficiency. When encountering difficulties in specific instances, it is worthwhile to consider modifying the attributes and combinations of characters and mercenaries.

Apart from team adjustments, swordsmen stand out among other professions in their ability to improve equipment and skills. Hence, timely upgrades to both equipment and skills will greatly elevate a swordsman's performance in battles. Moreover, enhancing their skills will make the swordsman's role more prominent, especially in terms of absorbing damage for their teammates, a distinction that becomes evident during combat.

During the class transition phase, it is advisable for swordsmen to transition into berserkers, maximizing their offensive abilities and enhancing their combat prowess.


In Cross Gate: New World, the swordsman class is particularly well-suited for beginners, allowing players to easily grasp its mechanics. Presently, there exists an excellent method to enjoy this game without depleting your own device's data. By acquiring the Redfinger Android emulator, you can seamlessly run the game even on devices with modest specifications. Utilizing the Redfinger Android emulator to play Cross Gate: New World offers numerous advantages, such as expediting the mastery of the swordsman's combat techniques and enabling the simultaneous login of multiple accounts to experiment with various characters.

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