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In the realm of Cross Gate: New World, the Sorcerer stands alone as the sole representative of the control class. Within the crucible of battle, their ability to impose severe limitations upon their adversaries proves invaluable, bolstering the overall prowess of their team. In moments of serendipity, they possess the extraordinary power to commandeer the entire opposing team, effectively altering the course of the conflict. Whether engaged in player-versus-player confrontations or player-versus-environment encounters, the Sorcerer's performance remains consistently exceptional.

Cross Gate: New World

Nonetheless, Sorcerers heavily depend on their innate talents to amplify their capacity in diminishing enemy resistance and augmenting their hit accuracy. Consequently, their prowess in combat during the initial phases remains rather moderate, but their might surges exponentially as they progress further. Therefore, it is advisable to allocate a reasonable portion of resources towards acquiring suitable companions in the early stages to ensure a seamless transition. As you ascend in levels, you will be able to unleash the formidable potential inherent to this class in its entirety.

Skill Analysis of Sorcerer

Sorcerers possess output skills, although their damage output is not particularly high, much like Missionaries. Nevertheless, they excel in a diverse array of control abilities, including confusion, petrification, and amnesia. It is noteworthy that after inflicting confusion upon enemies, they might even turn their own teammates against each other. This aspect of their abilities is quite valuable, albeit its effectiveness varies based on the Sorcerer's level. At lower levels, the impact is less potent.

The talent skills of Sorcerers can be classified into two types: Nightmare and Evil Eye. The Nightmare talent primarily enhances their skills in confusion and sleep. Considering that most talent skills of this class augment their control abilities and significantly weaken the enemy's resistance to control, Sorcerers become immensely formidable in later stages of the game. Given their initial weakness in control probability, it is advisable to opt for the Nightmare talent.

Evil Eye enhances their petrification and amnesia talents. This set of skills allows us to have a chance to use amnesia magic when casting Shadow Wave. Although amnesia is not very powerful, the talent also includes a passive skill that prevents enemies from using items while in an amnesia state. It can be said that this talent is best suited for PVP gameplay.

Talent Points of Sorcerer

Nightmare: With the abilities of Breakthrough, Illusion Shield, Concealment, Healing, Soul Harvest, and Radiation, Nightmare's powers primarily focus on augmenting their control abilities and resistance to control. This augmentation not only boosts their control attributes but also increases the number of control rounds available in later stages. However, the probability of successful control is relatively low during the early stages, relying heavily on luck.

Evil Eye: Evil Eye, Fury, Storm, and Punishment are the core abilities of Evil Eye. This talent mainly enhances the capabilities of petrification and amnesia. When utilizing Shadow Wave, there is a possibility of unleashing amnesia magic. Although amnesia may not possess overwhelming power, this talent also includes a passive skill that prohibits the use of items while in an amnesia state. As a result, it becomes the optimal talent choice for PVP encounters.

Gameplay Strategy of Sorcerer

Once Sorcerers reach level 50, they gain access to their talent skills. When it comes to practical combat, it is advisable to select a Sorcerer as the controller and pair them with a tank. For other positions, an archer can be utilized for damage output. To avoid unexpected situations, incorporating a healer into the team is also recommended. This lineup works well for different gameplay modes, although the damage output may not be exceptionally high. Players can consider substituting the tank with a swordsman for an alternative approach.

During battles, the tank assumes the role of absorbing damage and controlling the enemy, effectively limiting their damage output. The Sorcerer's control abilities further contribute to reducing enemy damage and inducing confusion, causing them to attack their own teammates. This strategy proves to be quite effective. However, caution must be exercised when facing confused enemies who are not accompanied by their own teammates, as they can still attack the team.

Cross Gate: New World

The archer in the lineup serves as the primary source of damage output. With numerous ranged skills at their disposal, archers compensate for the team's lack of damage. Their contribution becomes particularly valuable in dungeons featuring combinations of bosses and smaller monsters. Lastly, including a healer prevents enemies from using ultimate skills and ensures the tank's health does not deplete excessively. Ultimately, the strength of this lineup lies in its diverse control effects, enabling the damage-dealing class to comfortably carry out their role.


In Cross Gate: New World, the Sorcerer class is known for its immense power, but harnessing that power effectively can be quite challenging for novice players. To become skilled practitioners, players must delve into various gameplay guides and dedicate themselves to continuous practice. Whether one opts for studying operating techniques or diving straight into playing Cross Gate: New World, the Redfinger Android emulator stands out as an excellent option.

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