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In Cross Gate: New World, the missionary stands as a timeless vocation amidst the three systems of exhibition, mage, and priest. They excel as healers, focusing on mending wounds and bestowing remarkably potent instant healing capabilities. Whether engaged in formidable boss battles or routine undertakings, a resilient priest is an indispensable asset for any team. In dire circumstances, the missionary's swift healing prowess has the potential to completely reverse the outcome.

Cross Gate: New World

While missionaries excel in providing support and demonstrate commendable survival skills, their damage output is a notable weakness. In comparison to pets, their offensive capabilities may pale in comparison. However, it is important to note that the primary role of a priest does not hinge on dealing damage.

Skill Analysis of Missionary

The priest boasts a variety of indispensable skills in their arsenal. One remarkable ability is Holy Nova, which serves as their sole offensive power, allowing them to deal damage to multiple targets at once. Another invaluable skill in the priest's repertoire is Revival, which enables them to bring fallen allies back to life. When it comes to addressing diverse healing requirements, the priest harnesses three distinct tiers of restorative magic. They employ Healing Magic for individual-focused recovery, Powerful Healing Magic for concentrated healing on specific targets and their surroundings, and lastly, Super Healing Magic, a formidable ability that bestows restorative prowess upon the entire team.

The missionary exhibits abilities reminiscent of those employed by traditional healers. Their skillset encompasses not only the healing of individual teammates but also the rejuvenation of the entire group's health. Moreover, the missionary possesses the power to revive fallen comrades, showcasing their prowess as a dedicated healer. In addition to their remarkable healing capabilities, the missionary also wields a formidable area-of-effect damage skill, representing the only offensive ability within their profession.

Talent Points of Missionary

Holy: The core abilities comprising this talent set are Redemption, Mercy, Coexistence, All Things, and Guardianship, which fall under the category of "able to deal damage and heal." By investing 10 skill points, the Holy Nova ability can be enhanced to not only inflict damage but also restore the health of the entire team. Additionally, by allocating 20 skill points, the talent Holy Light Illumination grants teammates immunity from death for 2 rounds. This combination of talents enables the missionary to effectively deal damage and provide healing support. It is recommended to prioritize the skill Holy Nova and complement it with single-target healing magic, ensuring the team's resilience against enemies. This versatile talent set proves highly useful in both PvP and PvE scenarios, thus maximizing the potential of healing magic is advisable.

Revive: The talent set consists of several core abilities that are essential for the missionary class: Revive, Soul Rebirth, Ice Seal, Unparalleled, Blood Sacrifice, and Rebirth. These talents not only increase damage output but also excel in early healing, making them valuable skills right from the beginning of battles. By investing 20 talent points, the missionary gains access to the Group Revival skill, allowing them to revive selected targets and nearby characters. Additionally, allocating 30 skill points to Sacrifice significantly improves the healer's ability to survive in combat. This talent set emphasizes specializing in healing, so it is recommended to focus on mastering Super Healing Magic and Revival skills.

The most crucial skill for advancement is "Rebirth," which allows the missionary to be reborn with full health upon death. To utilize this ability effectively, the missionary needs to have outstanding speed and formidable defense to revive fallen teammates. In intense player-versus-player (PvP) battles at higher levels, a swift missionary can take advantage of opportunities to revive teammates and maintain the offensive. This strategy is especially potent when employed within well-established team setups.

Cross Gate: New World


In Cross Gate: New World, the term "Holy" is used to denote healing, while "Revive" signifies resurrection. It is generally advisable to concentrate on the Holy path, as healing is essential for preserving the lives of your teammates. Although the Revive ability can be incredibly valuable, it is rare to find missionaries capable of surviving after their comrades have fallen. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize the task of keeping your teammates alive through healing. However, if you have a set team and are willing to invest additional resources, you may consider exploring the Revive path. With a living missionary, there remains a chance to turn the tide of battle. Naturally, these considerations become relevant once you have mastered the missionary class. To expedite your mastery of the missionary, you can opt to download and install the Redfinger Android emulator.

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