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Cross Gate: New World introduces the Battle Axe Warrior class, known for its exceptional prowess in close combat burst damage. Among the six classes available, the Battle Axe class stands out as the most formidable in terms of single-target output. Its remarkable burst capability serves as a prominent attribute, enabling the class to unleash devastating damage upon enemies. In battle, Battle Axe Warriors consistently deliver heavy blows to their adversaries, effectively diminishing their forces through unparalleled single-target burst damage. Remarkably, a well-executed swing of their axe can even eliminate an opponent, inflicting significant casualties upon the enemy ranks.

Cross Gate: New World

Skill Analysis of Battle Axe Warrior

When it comes to skills, the Battle Axe Warrior demonstrates remarkable damage multipliers for single-target abilities, showcasing exceptional critical damage as well.

The Heaven and Earth Throw is primarily a damaging technique that sacrifices accuracy. This single-target physical skill is most effective when used with high accuracy or against a sleeping opponent to minimize the chances of evasion. Additionally, the class possesses an exclusive skill called "Curb Arrogance and Impatience." This ability reduces agility but grants increased attack power and critical rate. When utilized as a follow-up skill, it can deliver a devastating blow to ensure a lethal outcome.

Various Blades: Additionally, the utilization of various blades enhances the user's offensive capabilities; however, this comes at the expense of decreased defense and spirit power. Moreover, these blades have the potential to activate combo effects. To maximize the effectiveness of this skill, it is advisable to unleash it swiftly when the user is about to initiate an attack, as the debuff vanishes upon usage. Another noteworthy ability is the Shattering Strike, primarily intended for foes equipped with sturdy defenses and holy shields. It should be noted that this skill does not inflict damage on targets lacking defense, necessitating careful timing for its execution.

Talent Points of Battle Axe Warrior

When it comes to talent allocation, the Battle Axe Warrior has two talent options: Assault and Bloodthirst. Each of these choices has distinct areas of emphasis. Assault prioritizes seizing the initiative and offers various passive bonuses. It also inflicts additional damage on slower targets and enables the class to unleash greater output when their health is low, entering a state of heightened strength after each battle.

Upon reaching certain milestones in talent allocation, the Assault talent attains a new ability known as "Killing Intent." This skill focuses primarily on dispatching adversaries with the lowest remaining health, delivering a devastating blow to ensure their demise. In terms of allocating talents, it is advisable to give priority to Heaven and Earth Throw, although Various Blades can also serve as a viable primary leveling skill.

Regarding the Bloodthirst talent, its main focus lies in boosting health and attack power. Unlike Assault, Bloodthirst offers additional damage effects against swifter adversaries, resulting in greater damage output when engaging faster opponents. Additionally, upon reaching a specific stage, this talent grants access to a new ability known as "Deadly Strike," which inflicts exceptionally high damage on individual targets. When combined with Curb Arrogance and Impatience, it excels at delivering maximum damage when following up an attack. In terms of talent allocation, it is recommended to prioritize Curb Arrogance and Impatience, and once these skills are fully developed, consider investing in Various Blades.

The initial skill allocation plan for the Battleaxe Warrior consists of distributing 2 points in health and 2 points in strength. This strategy is commonly adopted by the majority of Battleaxe Warrior players. Among all the classes in the game, only the Battleaxe Warrior has the ability to wield an axe. Although the axe grants considerable damage output, it significantly compromises the character's agility. Consequently, agility is generally disregarded when devising the skill allocation plan for the Battleaxe Warrior. Even if some players decide to assign points to agility, the weight of the axe hampers the casting speed of the Battleaxe Warrior. Being a melee class, the 2-point bonus in health ensures improved survivability during combat, while 2 points in strength enhance the Battleaxe Warrior's offensive capabilities.

Cross Gate: New World

The initial skill allocation plan primarily caters to players who prefer engaging in player versus player (PK) gameplay. However, if you intend to utilize the Battleaxe Warrior class for dungeon farming, I recommend allocating 2 points in strength and 2 points in agility. Agility holds particular significance for the Battleaxe Warrior when it comes to dungeon scenarios, as the monsters encountered in dungeons tend to have low agility. By allocating two points to agility, the Battleaxe Warrior's efficiency in clearing monsters can be substantially enhanced.


The Battle Axe class possesses significant offensive potential, specializing in inflicting heavy damage on individual targets and employing high damage multipliers. It demonstrates remarkable efficacy in swiftly diminishing the ranks of fragile adversaries. By skillfully managing skill allocation and talent selection, attaining explosive output becomes readily attainable. Despite the formidable power of the Battle Axe Warrior in Cross Gate: New World, players must invest extensive practice to achieve mastery. Fortunately, the utilization of the Redfinger Android emulator platform to download and play Cross Gate: New World offers smoother gameplay and real-time access to game guides, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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