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In Cross Gate: New World, the Archer class stands out with its remarkable long-range prowess, excelling in delivering devastating area-of-effect (AoE) damage. Notably, the Archer demonstrates impressive output not only when targeting individual foes but also when engaging groups of enemies. Moreover, it exhibits a degree of survivability despite lacking inherent durability. Through its skill set and attribute-based evasion, the Archer maintains a consistent stream of damage, ensuring its effectiveness in combat.

Cross Gate: New World

The Archer, being a ranged class, wields the bow as its primary weapon. This class excels in dealing physical damage from a distance, making it an excellent choice for long-range attacks. Notably, the Archer possesses the ability to reach and strike enemies positioned in the back row. If you're seeking a formidable class that specializes in high-output physical area-of-effect (AoE) abilities, the Archer comes highly recommended.

Skill Analysis of Archer

Rain of Arrows is an area-of-effect (AoE) skill that unleashes a volley of arrows in a random pattern, striking multiple foes and inflicting damage multiple times. Nonetheless, should the skill repeatedly target a single adversary, its effectiveness gradually diminishes over time. When confronted with numerous opponents, it is advisable to employ this skill.

Sunfire: In contrast to the previous Area of Effect (AoE) attack, this particular skill focuses on targeting a single enemy. When utilized, the Archer can launch a concentrated assault on an individual opponent, simultaneously lowering their defense and enhancing the Archer's evasion for the ongoing action. This skill proves particularly effective in restraining opponents and pets with lower agility, showcasing its utility in combat situations.

Clear Reflection: This particular skill serves as a healing ability focused on restoring HP. Players have the freedom to utilize this skill according to their own HP status.

Toxic Strike: In a similar vein, this skill is designed to produce a solitary outcome. By employing this ability, the Archer gains the ability to inflict substantial damage on a specific target while simultaneously afflicting them with a poison debuff. The debilitating poison persists for a duration of five turns. It is advisable to employ this skill early in battle, targeting the primary damage dealer of the opposing forces. By doing so, the Archer can disrupt their offensive rhythm and bolster their own damage output.

Talent Points of Archer

The Archer is a formidable physical backline character, capable of dealing high amounts of damage. When an Archer is present on the team, underestimating their abilities can lead opponents to suffer the consequences. In the late game, Archers can utilize skills like "Scatter Shot" to confuse opponents about their intended target. To make opponents even more miserable, it is essential to make wise decisions when allocating skill points.

When it comes to skill point allocation for Archers, there are three primary options to consider. The first option is to focus on survival as a lone wolf Archer. This involves allocating 2 points to Stamina and 2 points to Strength. The objective here is to enhance your endurance in combat. Agility can be improved through equipment, and higher health ensures you won't easily fall in one-on-one boss battles.

The second option is a balanced development approach for Archers. Allocate 1 point to Stamina, 1 point to Agility, and 2 points to Strength. This allocation strengthens both your attack power and overall health. Since attack power is crucial for an Archer, prioritizing Strength is essential. Allocating points to Stamina and Agility ensures that your speed remains competitive while providing enough vitality to accommodate any mistakes. This allocation is more traditional and recommended for leveling, offering a combination of survivability, damage output, and a larger health pool to avoid failures during progression.

For players focused on PvP, the recommended skill point allocation is 2 points to Strength and 2 points to Agility. This maximizes damage output while maintaining high agility. However, this type of Archer relies heavily on team protection. By choosing this allocation, you sacrifice health points. As a cannon-like player, opponents are likely to focus their attacks on you, aiming to eliminate you swiftly. This allocation is more suitable for specific tasks and PvP scenarios where frontline teammates can shield the backline's damage output. In PvP, the order of actions is critical, and an Archer with high agility has a greater chance of seizing the initiative.

Cross Gate: New World


In the realm of Cross Gate: New World, the Archer stands out as a class characterized by its unparalleled swiftness in delivering blows and its remarkable offensive prowess. Nevertheless, it bears the burden of being the most delicate class, requiring players to possess astute situational awareness in order to endure the challenges within the game. The mastery of strategic positioning and skill development techniques becomes paramount for survival, and for those seeking guidance, the Redfinger Android emulator platform offers a wealth of resources to aid in honing these abilities.

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