Redfinger | Hunters and Buildings in Evil Hunter Tycoon

When playing Evil Hunter Tycoon, it is essential to first understand the basic information introduction of the hunter and master the construction of buildings in Rehe. This is a prerequisite for having a good experience in this game. It is also the main focus of our guide.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Hunter Introduction

1. There are four professions for hunters: Berserker, Paladin, Ranger, and Magician, each with different skills.

2. Before the hunters' population reaches maximum capacity in the city, they will regularly visit the main city at fixed intervals.

3. Explanation of each attribute:

- Stamina: The value that decreases after taking damage from monsters. It can be restored at the healing center. When stamina reaches 0, the hunter dies and can be revived at the resurrection shrine.

- Hunger: The value that decreases when the hunter attacks monsters. When hungry, the hunter returns to the main city. It can be restored by eating at the restaurant.

- Mood: The value that continuously decreases when the hunter is attacked by monsters. When the mood is good, attributes increase, but they decrease when the mood is bad. It can be restored by drinking at the tavern.

- Energy: The value that continuously decreases over time. When fatigued, the hunter returns to the main city. It can be restored by sleeping at the inn.

- Attack Power: The numerical value of damage inflicted by the hunter on monsters. The higher the value, the greater the damage inflicted.

- Defense Power: The numerical value that reduces the damage the hunter receives from monster attacks. The higher the value, the less damage received.

- Critical Hit: There is a chance to deal 1.5 times the damage to monsters. (Equipment can increase the value by a maximum of 50%)

- Attack Speed: Refers to the speed of attacks. The lower the value, the faster the attacks. (Equipment can decrease the value by a maximum of 0.25)

- Evasion Rate: There is a certain probability to dodge monster attacks. (Equipment can increase the value by a maximum of 40%)

4. When hunters visit the main city, each attribute has a 33% chance of acquiring the superior attribute, and a 6% chance of acquiring the highest superior attribute.

- The highest superior attribute is indicated in orange, while the superior attribute is indicated in sky blue.

5. Hunters are divided into five levels: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Hero, and Legend.

- The hunter's level is determined by the sum of attribute points. (2 points for the highest superior attribute, 1 point for the superior attribute, 0 points for the normal attribute)

- A point total of 14 or higher is considered Legend, 10 or higher is Hero, 6 or higher is Super Rare, 2 or higher is Rare, and the rest are Normal.

6. When purchasing a Hunter Invitation Letter from the store and using it, the hunter will immediately appear.

- Using a Highest Superior Hunter Invitation Letter will summon a hunter with at least two fixed highest superior attributes.

- Using an Advanced Hunter Invitation Letter will summon a hunter with at least one fixed highest superior attribute.

- When the main city is at maximum capacity, using the invitation letter will display a [Hunter Waiting] button below the main screen. The waiting hunters will enter the city in order when there is an available spot.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Buildings in Evil Hunter Tycoon

1. Hunters living in the city require various types of buildings.

When living in the city, hunters rely on a variety of buildings to meet their needs. These structures serve different purposes and provide essential services for their day-to-day activities. Whether it's residential buildings, shops, or specialized facilities, each structure plays a crucial role in supporting the hunter's urban lifestyle.

2. After upgrading buildings, the range of producible goods may increase, and new items may become available.

By upgrading the existing buildings, hunters can unlock new possibilities and expand the range of goods they can produce. These upgrades can lead to the introduction of novel products or an increase in the variety of items already available. It provides hunters with opportunities to enhance their productivity and cater to a wider range of demands within the city.

3. Constructing buildings requires multiple materials, and if there's a shortage, the required quantity can be confirmed by pressing a button.

The construction process of buildings involves gathering various materials. If there is a shortage of any specific material, hunters can easily determine the exact number of required materials by pressing a designated button. This feature allows them to efficiently manage their resources and ensures that construction progresses smoothly without delays caused by material shortages.

4. After selecting a building, it can be moved by using the [Rearrange] button located at the bottom right corner.

When a particular building needs to be relocated within the city, hunters can simply select the building and utilize the [Rearrange] button situated at the bottom right corner of the interface. This function grants hunters the flexibility to adjust the placement of buildings according to their preferences or strategic considerations. It enables them to optimize the city's layout and enhance efficiency in their operations.

5. Hunters need accessible paths to reach buildings. If a building is surrounded by obstacles on all sides, the hunter won't be able to reach it.

In order for hunters to access buildings, there must be clear and unobstructed paths leading to them. If a building becomes inaccessible due to obstacles or other structures blocking all sides, hunters will face difficulties in reaching their intended destination. It's important to ensure that the city's layout allows for easy navigation and unhindered movement for the hunters to carry out their tasks effectively.

6. If hunters find themselves trapped inside certain buildings due to errors or other reasons, they can exit through the main city hall. However, there might be instances where the hunter is unable to leave if the surroundings of the main city hall are obstructed by other buildings or obstacles.

In unfortunate circumstances where hunters are accidentally trapped inside a building or face other issues, they have the option to escape through the main city hall. However, it's worth noting that in some cases, the hunter may encounter difficulties exiting the main city hall if there are obstructions such as other buildings or obstacles blocking the surrounding area. These instances, although occasional, can impede the hunter's ability to exit the building and require alternative solutions to overcome the situation.


Building construction in Evil Hunter Tycoon is a focal point of the game, and many players struggle to master it. Even if you have read this guide, it is difficult for you to learn directly how to construct buildings. You need to read more guides on the Redfinger Android emulator platform to be of assistance to you.

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