Redfinger | How to Earn and Use Cloud Coins in Revelation Online

Revelation Online features numerous types of in-game currency, but among them, Cloud Coins stand out as the most versatile. This article aims to provide insights into earning and utilizing Cloud Coins in Revelation Online.

Revelation Online

Introduction to Cloud Coins

Cloud Coins are a type of currency used in Revelation Online. They are a versatile form of currency that can be used for a range of in-game activities, such as trading, completing tasks, and purchasing items. Cloud Coins are an essential aspect of the game, and players need to understand how to earn and spend them effectively to progress in the game.

Ways to Earn Cloud Coins

1. Participate in Daily Activities

One of the most effective ways to earn Cloud Coins in Revelation Online is by participating in daily activities. By engaging in various events, players can earn a significant amount of Cloud Coins. For example, players can earn Cloud Coins by winning battles in Cloud Top, which is a popular daily activity. Additionally, completing a round in Fairy Park and opening the final box can also yield a large amount of Cloud Coins as a reward. On the Wuyan Sulan map, players can collect boxes that contain Cloud Coins. Another way to earn Cloud Coins is by completing daily tasks and reaching a specific level of activity points. These activities are a great way to accumulate Cloud Coins quickly and efficiently.

2. Trade on the Stall

Another way to earn Cloud Coins in Revelation Online is by trading items on the stall. This feature allows players to sell tradeable equipment, rare items, gathering materials, and life products to other players in exchange for Cloud Coins. Not only does this method enable players to earn Cloud Coins, but it also helps them to clear their inventory of excess items that they no longer need. The stall function is also a great way for players to find items they may be looking for to improve their character's strength and abilities.

3. Receive Red Envelopes

Participating in the World and Chamber of Commerce channels is another way for players to receive Cloud Coins. These channels occasionally distribute a significant number of Cloud Coin red envelopes, which players can claim. However, due to the high demand, players must act quickly and grab the red envelopes before they are taken by others. This method can be a great way for players to earn some extra Cloud Coins.

4. Participate in Life Activities

Players can earn Cloud Coins by participating in various life activities, such as gathering, logging, mining, fishing, pharmacy, cooking, and handicrafts. Each of these activities can earn players a considerable amount of Cloud Coins, with some activities offering rare items that can be sold for a significant profit.

Revelation Online

Using Cloud Coins

1. Trading with Other Players

One of the main uses of Cloud Coins is for trading with other players. Players can use Cloud Coins to purchase items from other players, and they can also sell items to other players for Cloud Coins. This method is an effective way for players to obtain rare items or trade items they no longer need.

2. Completing Tasks for the Chamber of Commerce

Cloud Coins are also used to complete tasks for the Chamber of Commerce. By using Cloud Coins, players can quickly complete tasks and receive rewards, such as experience points, coins, and items. This method is an effective way for players to level up quickly and obtain rare items.

3. Upgrading Skills and Equipment

Players can use Cloud Coins to upgrade their skills and equipment. If a player does not have enough Cloud Coupons, they can use Cloud Coins as a substitute. This method is an effective way for players to upgrade their skills and equipment without having to wait for Cloud Coupons.

4. Purchasing from the In-Game Store

Players can purchase items from the in-game store using Cloud Coins. These items can range from rare equipment to cosmetic items, such as costumes and accessories. This method is an effective way for players to obtain rare items and customize their characters.


Upon reading this guide, you will discover that obtaining Cloud Coins in Revelation Online is a simple process. However, there is an even easier method to acquire them. By using the Redfinger Android emulator, you can log into multiple Revelation Online accounts simultaneously and run them at the same time, effectively earning Cloud Coins in bulk. This allows you to obtain several times the amount in a single sitting.