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Honkai Impact 3 is a game that requires understanding of team composition. Players need to know the abilities of each character and make reasonable combinations in order to achieve victory in battles. For beginners, studying how to build a team can be time-consuming, and not all players have that much gaming time. Therefore, Redfinger Android Emulator provides this Elemental Team Composition Guide.

Honkai Impact 3

Elemental Team Composition Guide

The inclusion of a new character, Rita Rossweisse, has revitalized the prominence of elemental teams. Previously, in Abyss and battles, unless facing a special boss like the Queen that demanded dedicated elemental damage to break shields, one could easily overcome challenges with a complete set of SSS Celestial Hymn (CH) equipment. Alternatively, possessing a full set of SSS gear for the Space team allowed for skipping a few levels.

Nevertheless, the arrival of Rita Rossweisse has disrupted this trend and successfully brought elemental teams back into the spotlight. So, how can we maximize Rita Rossweisse's elemental damage potential? Let's delve into team composition.

Silver Wolf: Friend of Africa, an easily obtainable character whose shield boosts elemental damage by 30% once reaching SS rank. To significantly amplify damage output, it is recommended to equip the versatile support stigmata set, Cat T and Bull of Babylon, which offers a considerable damage increase.

Phoenix: Immortal Phoenix, a formidable character that requires a certain level of player control but possesses immense power. When her ultimate skill reaches 200 or above, the final hit of her branch attack grants the entire team a 30% elemental damage bonus. With decent damage output herself, her ultimate skill, capable of delivering a powerful slap to enemies, is more than sufficient. She excels in both dealing damage and supporting the team. Currently available in the Wishland for 6000 crystals, Phoenix proves to be a cost-effective support character.

Valkyrie Accipiter: Blood Dance. Any version of VA will suffice as long as Blood Dance can be triggered, inducing the Bloodlust state in enemies and allowing for unhindered attacks. This skill provides a 60% elemental damage bonus, which can be further enhanced when combined with the Bull of Babylon.

Shadow Knight: Charger. Transitioning from being the strongest character in version 1.0 to now serving as a support charger, Shadow Knight has experienced ups and downs. Nonetheless, her frequent presence on the battlefield is attributed to her leader skill that grants a 50 SP bonus. It is recommended to equip the Yae Sakura T, M, B stigmata set, combined with VA's Blood Dance, to trigger the essential Bloodlust state for elemental teams.

Elemental Team Support Guide

Support characters are vital when it comes to team composition, as they serve an important role. The C position sets the minimum standard for the team's composition, while the support character determines the team's maximum potential. Unless you're still playing in low-level areas, it's absolutely essential to invest in cultivating support characters.

Support abilities can be categorized into three types. The first type is physical support abilities, which directly enhance the physical damage dealt by teammates. This includes various effects such as defense reduction, direct physical damage increase, physical vulnerability, and shield breaking. The second type is elemental support abilities, which directly amplify the elemental damage inflicted by teammates. Examples of this type of support include direct elemental damage increase, elemental vulnerability, and electrocution, among others. The third type encompasses support abilities that don't directly enhance teammates' damage values. These fall into the category of functional support and include tasks like mob gathering, healing, time manipulation, charging, control, and more.

Yamabuki Armor

Recommended team composition: Yamabuki paired with Shadow Dash is currently the most popular setup. Utilize Yamabuki's shield to trigger Time Fracture, enabling Shadow Dash to execute a three-part QTE attack followed by a two-part QTE attack. This combination effectively stacks missiles, leading to the activation of Shadow Dash's ultimate skill. Subsequently, Shadow Dash can trigger Time Fracture again by evading, allowing for two additional three-part QTE attacks. With careful timing, the cooldown of Shadow Dash's ultimate skill aligns with the impact of the missiles, making this a classic and formidable combination on the battlefield.

Yamabuki possesses several core support abilities:

1. Collapse: Provides a shield that absorbs up to 558 physical damage, ensuring protection against interruption.

2. Mechanical Absorption: The shield inherits 100% of Yamabuki's defense power.

3. Dimensional Shift: The shield triggers a Time Fracture that lasts for five seconds.

4. Force Impulse: Successfully triggering the shield grants the entire team 4 SP recovery (commonly referred to as charging), which is highly favored by players.

Furthermore, Yamabuki's skills, including Mechanical Fear, Fear Absorption, and Fear Harvest, offer certain support abilities. While they were previously employed as dedicated strategies, they are no longer the primary reasons for using Yamabuki. Additionally, Yamabuki's leadership skill is excellent, providing a 26% critical rate (requires a 30-hit combo) and 29% crit damage (limited to psychic characters). This leadership ability also proves beneficial for supporting the newly released Rita.

Honkai Impact 3

Divine Prayer

Recommended team composition: Divine Prayer + Snowy Sniper, Dimension Breaker, Triumph, Hawk, or any other support, along with a physical damage dealer. While Divine Prayer excels at supporting elemental damage dealers, it requires specific equipment like Song of the Void or Fairy Sword, which are not inherent abilities of the Valkyrie herself.

Divine Prayer possesses a set of core support abilities:

- Ultimate Skill: This skill enables mob gathering and reduces enemies' defense by 75% for a duration of ten seconds.

- Charged Attack and QTE: These attacks reduce enemies' defense by 50% for a duration of seven seconds.

- Hymn of the Saintess: By activating this skill, the entire team's critical damage against enemies with reduced defense is increased by 30%.

- Verse of Life: After initiating the Cross, the entire team's physical damage is increased by 25% for a duration of 7.5 seconds.

In addition to these core abilities, Divine Prayer's Sword and Shield skills, as well as her charging abilities, prove to be effective support abilities. Her QTE can also extend the Time Fracture in a Space team composition. Divine Prayer's physical support capabilities are exceptional, offering a maximum defense reduction of 75%, a 30% increase in critical damage, and a 25% boost in physical damage. When equipped with the Song of the Void or 11th Leitmotif set, doubling the damage output of a physical damage dealer becomes achievable. Combined with her ability to gather mobs, Divine Prayer elevates the Abyss experience to the next level, particularly in the C position.

Snowy Sniper

Recommended team composition: Divine Prayer and Snowy Sniper form the strongest Abyss combination currently available, capable of effortlessly dealing with various Abyss themes and bosses.

The core support abilities of this team composition are as follows:

1. Chill: This skill freezes the entire field for a duration of 8 seconds, which extends to 12 seconds when fully upgraded.

2. Sniper Lock: When enemies are affected by the ultimate skill, they experience a 35% physical vulnerability that lasts for 8 (12) seconds.

It is important to note that the prerequisite for triggering the vulnerability is being "affected by the ultimate skill" rather than being "frozen by the ultimate skill." As a result, even monsters with resistance to freezing can still suffer from the 35% physical vulnerability. While 35% may not seem like a significant amount, its advantage lies in the extended duration. Snowy Sniper's ultimate skill is relatively inexpensive, and when combined with Divine Prayer's charging ability, it can be frequently unleashed.


Many players struggle with the time-consuming task of understanding the abilities of various characters in Honkai Impact 3. Unfortunately, due to limited time, they are unable to fully grasp these intricacies. Thankfully, the Redfinger Android emulator presents a viable solution for every player in need.

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