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In Honkai Impact 3, engaging in the Crimson Narukami challenge rewards a +20% score bonus. Even if the attempt proves unsuccessful, players can still receive a score based on their performance. This means that even without completely defeating formidable foes, the Captain can achieve a higher score by dealing a significant amount of damage to them in high-level combat zones compared to lower-level zones. The final score is determined by adding up the highest scores attained by the Captain across battles against various powerful enemies. Consequently, even if the challenge falls short in advanced zones, it remains possible to increase the overall score. This is why numerous players opt to take on the challenge of Crimson Narukami.

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Crimson Narukami Character Introduction

Crimson Narukami, the 12th Lawmaker of the previous era, held the title of the Lawmaker of Erosion. In her human days, she met a tragic end at the hands of fearful humans, which fueled her intense hatred towards them. However, upon her death, her Lawmaker abilities awakened, leading her to unleash the nuclear missiles housed in the "Moths of Annihilation" base. This devastating act targeted the three remaining human cities, leaving only 30,000 survivors sheltered within the base. In response to the relentless erosion caused by Crimson Narukami, humans made a desperate sacrifice by sealing her within the "Black Box," severing their own civilization. The "Black Box" eventually came into the possession of the present-day organization known as the Anti-Entropy, after the demise of the previous civilization with the emergence of the Terminus Lawmaker.

One of the core abilities possessed by Lawmakers is the manipulation of "Houkai," a fundamental power that can be concentrated within their bodies to form a Lawmaker Core. This grants them the authority to create and control Houkai Beasts and Deadwalkers. The highest-tier manifestation of a Houkai Beast is the Judgement-class Houkai Beast. Only Lawmakers with complete mastery over their powers can establish a connection with the Houkai and possess the necessary authority to fulfill the missions entrusted by the will of Houkai. The true nature of the Lawmaker of Erosion transcends mere biological existence, as she exists as the ultimate virus with both biological and electronic consciousness. This unique form grants her control over humans, beasts, and machines alike.

Tips for Challenging Crimson Narukami

Crimson Narukami possesses the Heavenly Fire Barrier, which continuously inflicts flame elemental damage on the entire battlefield. Additionally, her attacks in berserk mode also carry flame elemental damage. For optimal strategy, we recommend assigning "Divine Maiden" as the team leader to grant a damage boost to "Rozaliya" while reducing elemental damage for the entire team. To bolster defense against Crimson Narukami's onslaught, "Wolf's Dawn" can provide supplementary elemental shields, significantly enhancing the team's survivability and resilience. These shields not only serve as a protective measure but also amplify the elemental damage inflicted by the entire team. Outfitting "Divine Maiden" with the "2nd Sacred Relic" and "Black Xuan-Yuan" set is advisable, as it enhances SP recovery speed and enables the use of ultimate skills. Furthermore, including "Asuka Chiyoko" in the lineup will further diminish fire elemental damage taken. It is crucial to accumulate SP at the outset by utilizing normal attacks with "Divine Maiden" before switching to "Rozaliya" for substantial damage using her basic attack in combination with the branch attack. When Crimson Narukami enters berserk mode, switching to "Wolf's Dawn" and employing basic attacks will weaken her and reduce her attack power. Afterwards, switch back to "Divine Maiden" and coordinate with the remaining shield of the Bunny Mech to break Crimson Narukami's shield. Once accomplished, accumulate a sufficient amount of SP and switch to "Rozaliya" to maximize damage output.

 "Divine Maiden" as quickly as possible to eliminate Crimson Narukami.

If you're struggling to set up your lineup or if you don't have the Mei Shudo Outfit "Rozaliya" for fast-paced battles, I recommend using "Silver Wolf's Dawn" instead. It's a more reliable choice for long-range encounters. When it comes to weapon stigmata, you can go with commonly used output configurations, but it's also worth considering some defensive options. As for teammates, it's beneficial to have "Triumph" to provide physical damage support, and equipping "Bronya Zaychik's Laziness" will grant powerful control skills for your ultimate ability. The elemental shield of "Wolf's Dawn" is effective against flame damage, and the Bunny Mech can help draw aggro. I strongly advise the Captain to carefully read the detailed explanation above regarding Crimson Narukami's attack patterns and utilize Bronya's long-range attacks to evade them.

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In Honkai Impact 3, Crimson Narukami stands as an incredibly formidable character, posing a significant challenge to players. Those who venture forth without ample preparation are bound to face failure. Hence, it becomes essential to seek guidance from relevant sources prior to undertaking this daunting task, thereby maximizing the likelihood of success. For those aiming to conquer the challenge in a single try, acquiring a comprehensive guide through the installation of the Redfinger Android emulator is worth considering.

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